Actress Bridgerton Opens Up About Bad Comments on Social Media

Actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays the character Penelope Featherington in the Netflix series "Bridgerton," has opened up about malicious comments about bodyshaming directed at her.

Nicola asked the public not to comment on her body.
In the caption to the mirror selfie posted on Instagram, Nicola wrote, "Hello! One thing - if you have an opinion about my body, please don't tell me that."

The 35-year-old actress also expressed her feelings about people who often comment on her body shape. Nicola said these comments often hurt her.

"Most people are nice and don't try to offend, but I'm only human and it's very hard to accept the thousands of opinions about my appearance that are sent directly to me every day," continued the Irish actress.

"If you have an opinion about me that's fine, I get it, I'm on TV and people will have a lot to think about and say but I beg you not to send it to me in person."

This is not the first time Nicola has spoken out about bodyshaming and public comments on her. Last year, she responded to a Twitter user who wrote "The fat girl from Bridgerton wore a black cardigan at the Golden Globes." In response to the malicious comments,

Nicola shared an article she wrote for The Guardian in 2018 entitled "Criticism, don't judge me for my body, but judge me for my work on Derry Girls and on stage."长津湖之水门桥-完整版在线hd1080p完整版本-7380长津湖之水门桥1080-hd在線的完整版本-7381手錶电影-tw-长津湖之水门桥完整版2022hd-7391长津湖之水门桥1080-hd在線的完整版本-7392

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