People are increasingly using mobile devices to access the web, but most websites have been developed to be viewed on a computer monitor. It can be difficult, therefore, to navigate through a website on a small, handheld screen: the download time can be very long and some features are often incompatible with mobile web browsers.

It has been claimed that millions of people worldwide are accessing the web using hand held devices. Soon, most users may be accessing the web using them rather than a desktop or laptop machine. If you haven't given any thought to how your website appears and functions on a mobile device, now is the time to do soAnti-Detect Browser 

The mobile web is a great place for advertising, content, information, social experiences and fulfillment on the go. In fact, what better than the opportunity to connect with users through the device they carry around with them at all times?

Mobile browsers are growing rapidly and many webmasters are optimizing their websites for these new users. These mobile users have smaller screen sizes and so a user can not focus on very detailed area's of your web page that would normally be viewed on a computer screen.

A desktop user may just casually be browsing while a mobile user is more likely to stand in the middle of a town just wanting to know some particular information.

In order to send a handheld visitor to a mobile viewing web page, you need to be able to detect the mobile browser. You then need a web page that you have designed specifically for mobile browsers.

Your mobile device browser detector thus needs to detect these mobile devices when they visit your website. If a mobile device browser is detected, the visitor is redirected to your mobile viewing web page which has been adapted specifically for these mobile devices.

If the visitor is not using a mobile device browser, then no action should be Anti-Detect Browser and the visitor continues to your normal web page.

They say that "Information is Power and Money." By knowing how to use this information, you can make your website into a very profitable online venture.

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