How to install and set up Thunder Vpn

Thunder VPN requires you to accept the Terms of Service. This is the agreement that you agree to. This standard page contains a limited number of pages. The tick box under the question "What's the problem?" allows you to leave feedback. [sic] The FAQ can be seen. There are a couple of possible questions you might want to ask.

What Do You Think About Thunder Vpn?

The Bottom Line They say lightning never strikes the same place twice - and we certainly won't be using Thunder VPN a second time.

While it isn't the worst free VPN we've tested, it needs a lot of improvements before we can recommend it.

A poor speed, bad log policy and zero support are all major issues. Thunder VPN may be useful for stream BBC i. Player, but these benefits come with considerable risks to your security and privacy.

Thunder VPN may not be the right choice for you.

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Thunder Vpn Review. It's Free. But it is Not Worth The Risk

Thunder VPN is an Android app that's free. Upon reviewing this service, we believe that it is too risky to use Thunder Vpn Reviews for anyone serious about protecting their privacy.

Let's speak about a VPN which is "forever-free." Thunder VPN greets you with this four letter word. It almost shouts: "Please, World, Take my information, data, or whatever you want!"

Our Review of Thunder VPN We have seen many free VPN services go under after users realize that they log everything and leak DNS. This is a common problem. Will Thunder VPN be any different than its predecessors?

We're going to dive in and find out exactly that.

Thunder Vpn Features Updated in September 2021


Is VPN able to keep logs of users? Yes

Servers: 10

License number 1

Knock switch no

Supports torrenting

Streaming works only on a few platforms Thunder VPN is not recommended for streaming. You, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube geo-restrictions were not applicable to me. Tube US. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and BBC i. Player all blocked Thunder VPN.

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