WHAT IS Manifest and how to do Manifest correctly?

Manifest is an excellent way to create a very strong and clear energy about yourself, your goals, your dreams, and other parts of your life. It is a great way to create something in life you might have been waiting for or going after and not getting it.
No doubt, the Manifestation is an important step in the process of reaching your destination. Richtig Manifestieren is a stage in which you decide what you want and describe your goal. If Manifest is not correctly done, you'll have a hard time achieving your goals. This blog is for everyone who wants to learn and apply Manifest correctly according to Neville Goddard's law of assumption.

How was Neville Goddard, and what is the law of assumption?

Neville Lancelot Goddard was born on February 19, 1905, in the then-British protectorate of Barbados in the city of St. Michael – the son of an Anglican family with nine sons and one daughter. A gossip column from the 1950s described the young Neville Goddard as enormously wealthy. His family owns an entire island in the West Indies.
Neville Goddard was a man who believed that our imaginations are the key to unlocking our potential. He taught us that we create our reality through our thoughts and feelings and that we can change our lives by simply changing our thoughts. Goddard believed we could achieve anything we wanted by assuming we already had it.

Many people have found success using Neville Goddard's teachings. One woman, for example, used the Law of Assumption to manifest a new car. She began by imagining that she already had the car and feeling the emotions of happiness and excitement that came with it. She then took action steps to make her dream a reality, and within a few weeks, she was driving her new car!
Neville Goddard's teachings may be worth exploring if you want to make positive changes in your life. The Law of Assumption is a powerful knowledge that can help you manifest your dreams and desires.

Let's read about Abdullah - Neville Goddard's mentor!

Neville Goddard had a mentor that changed his life. He raised his self-esteem and taught him how to grow as a human being. Let's read about Neville Goddard's mentor and see how he influenced him to become the great person he was.
Neville Goddard later speaks about this mentor and his experiences studying the law of acceptance with him in his books and lectures. It revolves around a rabbi named Abdullah, also known as Arnold Josiah Ford. According to Neville Goddard, there was something fateful about their first meeting in around 1931.
It deepened his interest in esoteric Bible interpretations, and he dived deeper and deeper into the subject of spirituality, the law of acceptance, and the legislation of our so-called reality. Abdullah, who was of Ethiopian descent, lectured on spiritual Christianity and taught Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy.
Neville Goddard went to him at first, only under protest, to comply with constant urging from a friend, saying: 'I remember the first night I met Abdullah. I had deliberately delayed attending one of his meetings because a man whose judgment I did not trust had insisted on my presence."
At the end of the meeting, Abdullah approached Neville Goddard and said, "Neville, you're six months late!" Startled, Neville Goddard wondered how he knew his name as Abdullah said, "The brothers told me that you were planning to six months." He added, "I will stay until you have received everything, I have to give you. Then I will leave."
From that meeting, Neville Goddard studied Hebrew, Kabbalah, and the hidden, symbolic meanings of the Scriptures with Abdullah for about 5 years. In this way, he gained a basic understanding of manifesting with the Law of Assumption.

Learning to Manifest with Neville Goddard!

We are now transitioning between the basics and the manifestation technique, Wonderful Human Imagination. It is an introduction to the techniques of Manifestation so that you can better grasp the effects of these techniques and will Manifestieren lernen.

Elmer O. Locker is one of the comparatively few people who personally learned to manifest from Neville Goddard and shared his experiences publicly. His grandson, Elmer O. Locker Jr., runs a YouTube channel. And he gives insights into the personal meetings with Neville - because he was a so-called VIP member of Neville Goddard.
Are you ready to manifest your dreams into reality? Have you tried manifesting, and you weren't successful? Manifesting takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. You have to learn to quiet your mind and your thoughts. You have to learn to relax. If you constantly think, "I can't do it" or "This is taking too long to manifest, get rid of those thoughts and change your mindset.
You will manifest faster when you change your thoughts. If you continue to think the same thoughts, you will continue to get the same results. Consider Neville Goddard's books if you need help manifesting your dreams and goals. In these books, he shares his technique for manifesting. That teaches you how to stop struggling and relax. He teaches you to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want.
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