What Features to Look For in a Survival Knife - Tips From Survivor Pros

A survival knife is by far the most crucial tool to have for every adventure enthusiast. Besides giving an edge on expeditions to jungle, snow covered mountain slopes or deserted islands, a survival knife comes across as a great tool to ensure endurance in hostile situations. It can be most aptly described as a tool that's Viking shield for sale  for you to be prepared when life gives you situations of fix and keep you on toes all the times.

However, not many people know what exactly goes into purchasing the right survival knife. They often end up purchasing something that is not as effective as survival knives should be. In the following section you will come to know about a few features that are a must for every survival knife.

Fixed Blade

While folding knife offers greater convenience and are easy to carry around, they are definitely not the most apt type for survival expeditions. For the reason, they are joined together to form one piece, they are more vulnerable to breakage. On the other hand, a fixed blade knife will serve you better in survival situations, as they are more strong and built in a robust manner.

The Size

Choosing a survival knife of optimal size is extremely important, as a size too small or too big will interfere with your agility, while out there tackling situations of wilderness. Give or take around an inch; a knife with the size of 10 inches is perhaps the most ideally suited type for survival excursions.

The tang is the measurement of the distance blade goes into the handle. Knives with partial tangs are less preferable, as they are not strong and may break, when subjected to pressure beyond a certain point. However, a knife with full tang is a better option, as they are capable of enduring greater amount of stress and are much more balanced. A full tang knife is one solid piece of metal that makes it far stronger than foldable ones.

Survival knives from Blue Jean Knife series are available across a plethora of online stores and can be purchased by placing an online order. You can also purchase one hand opening knife from these portals, just in case you are interested. The online shopping medium is quite convenient in terms of easy browse and selection, user-friendly interface, easy payment options and instant shipping options where you order one and receive the same in good action via doorstep delivery service.

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