What does the Term Hot Shot mean in car shipping?

What does the Term Hot Shot mean in car shipping?

In a general trucking sense, Hot Shot or HotShot means smaller trucks that move smaller loads that are also time-sensitive. These loads are typically picked from a single action and moved to a single location; there are no multiple deliveries or stops involved.

Flatbed trailers are usually used to deliver these loads because they can be attached to faster vehicles, cutting down transportation times. To know what it means in car shipping, read the article below.

So What Does HotShot Car Shipping Mean?

HotShot car transport is a door-to-door auto transport discover here service that's faster than the typical car shipping service. With the regular transport, up to 10 vehicles are placed on a large hauler and shipped to their destinations.

With HotShot car shipping, only 2-4 cars or sometimes just a single vehicle is placed, which significantly increases the speed at which the truck moves (due to less load) and decreases the time it takes to make deliveries.

Is HotShot Transport Safer?

Yes, it is incredibly safe. Some may argue that faster means more danger, but faster speed is still under the legal traffic speed limits. Plus, expert truckers are driving these trailers, so there is a very small room for error.

Moreover, unlike a regular trailer, only 2-4 cars are moved at a time with HotShot transport, which means in the event of an accident, the chances of your car getting severely damaged will be low as it will have fewer vehicles around to collide with.

How Fast Is HotShot Car Shipping Service?

Incredibly fast! The most time-taking factor in car transport is the speed at which the car hauler moves. Because of the load and the size of the giant truck, the speed is not as high as a smaller sized, lower-weight truck and cargo.

Furthermore, fewer cars are transported using this method, which means less time is required before your car is delivered.

And since it is a door-to-door delivery service, you will also not have to spend time driving the car to the terminal and have someone on the receiving end pick it up from the company's terminal. So, all in all, HotShot car shipping saves a significant amount of time.

What Type of Cars HotShot Shipping Supports?

Typically, you can ship almost any type of vehicle using hotshot car transport that a regular car transport supports. However, the HotShot transport service leverages smaller trailers than usual. So if your car is bulkier than usual and will take up more space on the trailer, then it may cost extra to move it through the hotshot trailer.

Is HotShot Shipping Expensive?

Many people think that since expedited shipping is expensive, hotshot is also doing almost the same thing by delivering the cars faster, so it will be expensive as well. Well, it may be true in certain conditions, but most of the time, it is not as expensive as you may think.

The driver is doing the deliveries as he would normally do, the company is shipping the cars as it would normally do. The only thing that's changed is the number of cars is reduced but then so is the size of the trailer, which means it would not burn as much as a giant truck carrying higher loads.

Still, you get the car faster and to and from your location, so it costs a little higher than the regular car transport but not as much as expedited shipping. You can put its price between the expedited ad regular auto shipping costs.

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