Viral: Pics Of Krishna Shroff, "Au Naturel" - Need We Say More?

New Delhi: Hello there, Krishna Shroff. Just like actor Tiger Shroff, his sister Krishna too is a fitness enthusiast, glimpses of which often make it to her Instagram feed. Every now and then, Krishna Shroff sets the Internet on fire with stunning photos of herself and she added a few more to her fitness album recently. On Monday, Krishna Shroff was in a no-filter mood and shared a bunch of photos in a bikini - the highlight being her toned body, featuring multiple tattoos. Krishna Shroff captioned her post with a French term - "Au naturel", which translates into English as "in the natural state." Needless to say that Krishna Shroff's Instafam showered her post with the fire emojis, also cheering for her for setting major fitness goals.

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