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If you looking for an Embossed rolling pin then you are at the perfect place.
The rolling pin is the only instrument you need to make the best cookies and pastries.
Welcome to our store OMA MARTA which specializes in engraved Rolling Pins and home decor. Our engraved rolling pins will help you to decorate cookies and make an ordinary cake a brilliant decoration for your table.

Our Main Categories:

  • Animals
  • Christmas
  • Damask
  • Flowers
  • Pattern
This is also a great gift and a beautiful decoration for your kitchen. In addition, the Rolling Pins will bring so much fun for your children and they will be so happy to bake cookies with you.

Check out our Pastry made
We provide an original design in the decoration of the rolling pin pattern which gives the pies and cakes a unique look. Rolling Pin OMA MARTA is high quality, made from beech trees, and in a traditional form.
For more information regarding Engraved rolling pins visit our site:

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