Trevor Noah will host the show on Sunday

t’s been a year since BTS lost their very first Grammys race, and their devoted fanbase, ARMY, continues to be perplexed. The bittersweet feeling of seeing the South Korean boy band finally be recognized by the Recording Academy—both with a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and an invitation to perform on the storied stage—but promptly skipped over for the actual trophy is still palpable among K-pop die-hards. The reaction is understandable: BTS has been lauded with critical and commercial success, including earning awards at other ceremonies, but has been steadfastly sidelined by the Grammys in the States.

You might be thinking: why? How could a mega-hit like “Dynamite” possibly lose? After all, the song was one of the best-selling, most downloaded singles of the year, and spent an astonishing 32 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Top 100. It was a cultural marvel too: a sonic burst of serotonin delivered in the middle of a global crisis; a much-needed reminder of the deeply emotional, transformative power of music—a touchstone pop track that got the world dancing and smiling again after many high-stress months of loss, isolation, and despair.

One theory points to the prevalent dismissal of the boy and girl bands that dominate the pop music landscape. “I think [the BTS snub] was due to the Grammys’s attitude toward teen pop boy and/or girl bands,” says Dr. Gyu Tag Lee, associate professor of cultural studies, media criticism, popular music, K-pop, and hallyu at George Mason University Korea. He points out that most globally successful teen pop bands, such as New Kids On The Block, the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, the Spice Girls, and One Direction also did not win significant categories at the Grammys, though a couple have been nominated. “They’re overlooked even though their social, cultural, and even political values are different.”

Indeed, BTS is different. They’ve managed to evolve the boy band blueprint and become once-in-a-lifetime pop juggernauts, balancing artistic satisfaction with commercial success. A boy band, yes, but also a group of artists, songwriters, dancers, and producers whose addictive beats, brilliant lyrics, and honey-dipped vocals have created important music that takes on socio-economic disparity and complex Jungian psychology. They created multi-dimensional overlapping fictional lore that would feel at home in the MCU, all while contributing an estimated $5 billion annually to South Korea’s GDP. “BTS—and K-pop in general—has been considered not the music of quality but a sort of ‘bubblegum pop’, or music only enjoyed by some die-hard fans,” adds Lee. “However, winning a Grammy can prove that it’s a significant cultural phenomenon with great music to boot.”

Grammys 2022 are all set to be held on April 3 in Las Vegas and fans are more than excited to see their favourite artists win the coveted honours of the music industry. While the 64th Annual Grammy Awards have already planned a lot of special performances for the audience, there will also be equal attention given to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

As per reports, Grammy Awards 2022 will have a special segment dedicated to the Ukraine crisis amid the Russian invasion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the live telecast will showcase opportunities for viewers to help contribute to the global Stand Up For Ukraine campaign. In a statement released by Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr, he said, "We hope the segment inspires our worldwide audience to get involved to support these critical humanitarian efforts."

Grammy Awards 2022 Online
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Watch Grammy Awards 2022 full show
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BTS Grammy Awards 2022
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In the meantime, celebrities have been doing their bit to help Ukraine by sharing links for resources and providing a voice for those in need by amplifying their requests. As for the award ceremonies held in the past, it was observed that several actors also wore badges of the Ukraine flag and blue ribbons to support show support for the country amid the Russian attack.

The 64th Grammy Awards will be hosted by Trevor Noah who was also the host last year. The ceremony will also see a host of major artists such as BTS, Lil Nas X with Jack Harlow among others taking to the stage to deliver smashing performances. The Grammys 2022 will be live-streamed in India on April 4 at 5.40 am.

The move has caused the action-packed weekend to descend into chaos because “no one wants to go to that gross ass town,” a music flack, who is not attending, told us.

Even the outfits are upset to be there.

“Stylists are having meltdowns because there are no expert tailors like LA, and they have to lug couture gowns and tuxedos through smoky casinos that smell bad,” the first source said.

Amid music people problems — artists are also having to scale back their entourages due to limited credentials this year and there will be a serious shortage of big music label parties.

“The consensus is there’s not much going on and no one really wants to go to Vegas,” another industry insider told us.

Clive Davis even canceled his annual star-studded pre-Grammy bash “due to the logistical obstacles caused by the ongoing pandemic, including the unavailability of an appropriate venue,” he said earlier this year.

Trevor Noah will host the show on Sunday and stars such as Billie Eilish, BTS, Lil Nas X, Leon Bridges and Lady Gaga are slated to attend.

Meanwhile, Steven Tyler will host a Grammy watch party at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, where Miley Cyrus will perform.

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