Three Things To Know Before You Schedule A Survey

The art of land surveying involves marking boundaries based on measurements, observations, and questionnaire data. In addition, the process involves a detailed analysis of the land to ensure it is a good investment. We will learn about the three most important things to know before scheduling a land survey in this article.

  1. Why Would You Need a Survey?

Understanding the importance of land surveying is essential before hiring an expert to study your property. The following are some significant reasons why people schedule land surveys.

  • To purchase or sell a property, you need to know its boundaries.
  • Additionally, you must be familiar with the property to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Land surveyors are often called upon to resolve land disputes.
  • If you plan to build a house or a building, you need to know what boundaries you can use.

Types of Land SurveysNext, you should know what kind of survey you need for your land before seeking experts' help. Surveyors provide all sorts of surveys based on the land's requirements, whether you need to split the parcel or locate property lines.

Seven types of land surveys are as follows.

ALTA survey

When purchasing a home or investment property, ALTA surveys are required. The American Land Title Association conducts the study. ALTA is also known as the mortgage survey because leaders need it before offering loans.

Boundary survey

By determining the exact location of the boundaries and corners of a property, a boundary survey helps settle boundary disputes. This tool can also locate easements and personal records.

Location survey

Location surveys are similar to boundary surveys. It does, however, include improvements to the land. A location survey shows where the upgrades are on the property and how far they are from the property lines.

Subdivision survey

Using this tool, you can divide the land into multiple divisions. For example, a recorder's office keeps all land records and designs streets and drainage systems.

Site-planning survey

Before starting construction, a site-planning survey helps design improvements. It consists of subdivisions, housing lots, playgrounds, stores, streets, commercial and industrial sites, and highways. In addition, when applying for a building permit, a site survey is essential.

Construction survey

Construction surveys mark out roads, walls, buildings, and other constructions. Construction workers can use it to determine where to build structures. There are also alignments for horizontal and vertical grading.

Topographic survey

A topographic survey shows the location of natural and manufactured features on a property. Engineers and architects use a topographic survey to plan improvements to a site.

  1. How Much Does a Land Survey Cost?

Costs vary depending on the size, shape, and type of land surveyed. For more significant properties, the price may be higher.

The Bottom Line

Land surveying involves measuring the land and studying its history to make an informed decision. Since banks must know precisely where they invest, they only approve loans after conducting a survey.

Furthermore, it would help if you researched professionals before hiring them to survey your land. You should choose a company that knows what they are doing and provides you with a timely report. Finally, ensure that your land survey report is current and contains all the necessary information.

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