The eighteen Most Popular & Common Indonesian Desserts

You will have read about Klepon and Lapis Legit, but have you tried Kue Putu and Kue Lapis? You won't know which is the greatest, but you will surely delight in trying them. These desserts are created of sago flour, tapoica flour, sugar, coconut milk, and yeast. Yeast gives Bika Ambon its special texture. Other flavors might be added, far too. They originate from the province of Medan, North Sumatra.


There are a selection of ways to consume Klepon, one of the 18 most favored & standard desserts in Indonesia. In case you are checking out Bali, you'll want to consider it! The leading issue to keep in mind is to create them as little as is possible, usually the filling will ooze out. There are several flavors within the filling, setting up Along with the savory steamed coconut meat, the chewy, sticky rice balls, and also the bursting sweetness of melted palm sugar. The best combination of sweet and salty will result in the most delicious klepon.

Klepon can be a sweet coconut rice ball that is definitely widely readily available in Indonesian marketplaces and on local Avenue sellers. There's two versions: inexperienced and black. The black Edition is made of black sticky rice, even though the eco-friendly Model is fabricated from white flour. In any event, the contrasting flavours will leave you seeking far more! If You are looking for an Indonesian dessert that is as exciting to consume as the standard Model, attempt the very well-known Klepon.

Lapis Legit

Lapis Legit (also spelled spekkoek) is usually a Dutch-Indonesian fusion recipe that originated during the Netherlands but is currently well-liked in Java and Bali. It is actually made out of all-intent flour, palm sugar, and almonds, and is typically dubbed the thousand-layer cake. Its identify was derived from The reality that the initial Model includes prunes, though modern versions involve cinnamon. Kue Putu, Yet another well-known Indonesian dessert, is a conventional cake that combines rice flour, palm sugar, and shredded coconut.

Should you be wondering how to generate Lapis Legit, there are lots of procedures accessible. To start with, you need to use an all-purpose flour for all-objective baking. Some recipes specify cake flour, but all-reason flour will do the job fantastic. A great way to seek out the correct flour for your cake is to search for recipes that decision for cake flour as a substitute. Cake flour will get the job done equally as effectively.

Kue Putu

Though similar to the renowned piutu, kue putu is a far more straightforward and sweeter confection. It is constructed from rice flour with eco-friendly pandan leaves and palm sugar, then steamed in a very bamboo tube. The steamed cake is topped with shredded coconut. Kue putu is actually a sweet treat, and is among the eighteen most favored and regular Indonesian desserts.

An additional tasty handle in Indonesia is kue ape. Not like a standard ice cream cone, this dessert is constructed from rice flour or starch, and is frequently topped with raisins and sliced young coconut. It is often located at standard food stalls, and it truly is similar to the Portuguese egg tart, pasteis de nata. Other desserts constructed from glutinous rice flour and sugar are ongol-ongol, kue putu, and keropok.

Other well-known desserts include the ombus-ombus and kue mangkok. Ombus-ombus, a specialty snack from North Sumatra, has the same texture to kue putu bamboo. Ombus-ombus is fabricated from banana leaves and rice flour. Other classic Indonesian desserts consist of wajik, fabricated from coconut milk, glutinous rice, in addition to a banana leaf. They're the two sweet and fluffy, and they are served warm.

Kue Lapis

A basic and well-liked Indonesian dessert, Kue Lapis provides a smooth texture having a coconut milk flavour and a agency mouth really feel. It is normally made with rice flour, but is often made with wheat flour inside a 1:1 ratio. The batter is frequently patterned with fresh new or dried fruit which is rolled or carved into logs. It's best saved in a fridge for as many as a week.

Kue Lapis has evolved over the past century, but retains its fundamental flower-like cross-portion. The recipe has been through handful of adjustments, and its simple template has remained unchanged for over a century. Currently, the heat resource is an electric oven aspect instead of a wood or coal fireplace, and condensed milk is additional for the batter, mimicking the more powerful flavours of imported butter.

Kue Lapis is similar into a steamed pudding, and it is a staple of Indonesian cuisine. It is a delicious cake with a moist, layered texture and is also product of rice flour, eggs, and sago. It's a must-have for virtually any Indonesian meal, and essential-consider if you are from the area!

Kue Ku

There are numerous differing kinds of kue kus. Considered one of the most well-liked kinds would be the steamed bun, kue bolu kukus. The ingredient checklist is similar to that of muffins. Rice flour, eggs, and coconut sugar are mixed with cinnamon and sugar until eventually the dough is delicate. It is actually then steamed right up until the top expands and resembles a small ball of dough. This Indonesian delicacy is most effective liked with afternoon tea.

One more traditional Indonesian dessert is kue putu. This small steamed cake is crafted from rice flour and flavored with pandan leaves. It really is also known as kue pulu, and is also offered in the course of Indonesia, but is especially well-known in Jakarta. It is taken into account a traditional Indonesian dessert, and is often served with strawberry jam and icing sugar.

An additional well-liked Indonesian dessert is kue. The Indonesian term kue translates to "sweet" which is a typical time period. It could possibly necessarily mean a spread of various baked merchandise, steamed dishes, and snacks. Some are steamed, while some are fried and baked. Regardless of whether you like your kue sizzling or chilly, this popular Indonesian take care of will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Wajik can be a dessert that originated in Indonesia and it has considering that turn into a worldwide most loved. It is actually created from coconut milk and rice flour, full of sliced banana, and wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. While the first kind originated in central Java, you can now obtain nagasari throughout Southeast Asia. It is a straightforward dessert which you could come across Just about any where in Indonesia.

Wajik is really an Indonesian dessert comprised of glutinous rice, palm sugar, and pandan leaves. It is typically served area temperature but is usually saved in the refrigerator. For best outcomes, you ought to steam the wajik cake inside a pot with at least two inches of water. Make certain There exists a good amount of steam to stop the rice from sticking alongside one another. As soon as the water is boiling, incorporate the remaining substances.

All through your excursion to Indonesia, Be sure to test some common desserts. The Indonesian individuals just take pleasure of their foods, and desserts are not any exception. You will discover quite a few differing types of wajik in nearby supermarkets and pasars through the state. These sweets are mouth watering, and they are ideal to provide with foods. No matter if you are visiting Bali, Java, or almost every other Indonesian island, there is certainly certain to be a single you can love.

Pisang Goreng

Amongst the most popular Indonesian desserts is pisang goreng. Often called fried banana, this sweet deal with is preferred all around the state. Indonesia is known for its substantial selection of bananas, and pisang goreng is one of the better-acknowledged snacks comprised of them. The bananas are coated inside a batter, then fried right up until golden brown. Although pisang goreng is often offered uncooked, it is usually topped with cinnamon or powdered sugar. Despite its delicious look, pisang goreng is simple to create at your home, and is excellent for youngsters at the same time.

The sweetest and most popular Indonesian desserts are created with coconut, so this dessert is not any diverse. Coconut milk is vital for many Indonesian desserts, but there are actually substitutes. One these substitution is flaked almonds. Each options will change the flavor and regularity of your dessert. This dessert is often served having a spoon. And for something slightly various, do not forget to try a plateful of ice cream!

Dadar Gulung

In Indonesia, Just about the most famed and regular desserts is Dadar Gulung, a deliciously sweet dish. The identify refers to your green rolled pancake that is definitely crammed with coconut, palm sugar, and a mixture of grated coconut. The environmentally friendly colour is derived from pandan leaves. Other ingredients in the dish include things like coconut, palm sugar, and duan pandan leaf. Dadar Gulung is commonly eaten for breakfast or for tea time in Jakarta, and its flavor is savory-sweet.

One more well-known dessert is Nagasari, often known as Kue(h) Pisang. This rice-and-corn-flour combination is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until thick. This dessert is well-known for its gentle texture, sweet taste, and pandan-scented aroma. This is a staple of many Indonesian feasts. In order to check out it, make sure to visit a conventional snack stall.

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