The Basics of Building Facebook Applications

Get clients and like-minded individuals friending you in the masses on Facebook.

Social marketing strategies via Facebook are the wave of the future for marketing on the web to your niche. The best way to attract clients and like-minded individuals on Facebook is to a self explanatory profile using keywords, which explain what you do and what you have to offer. First impressions are so important, people know if they are interested or not in seconds and with this article you always will be attracting like-minded individuals and clients that know who you are and what you offer.

Facebook profile picture, text box and website options are the first impression with these step by step methods clients and like-minded individuals never leave guessing. Every web master knows content is king and the profiles with 2000+ friends and above always have a extensive profiles on Facebook. This is the best way to set up your Facebook profile to look like a combination of a Business card, resume' and personal biography all in the Information page. This step by step process will make you look like an interesting person that is an expert in your field attracting clients and like-minded individuals through social marketing strategies on Facebook.

1. Identify yourself on your profile picture on Facebook like a business card. The profile picture is the picture that you show to the world on Facebook and represent you as an expert. "Do" use a professional picture of a suit or a coat (business attire). "Don't" use a picture of your kid or a cartoon because this will not identify the Facebook profile. (HOT TIP) if you're a man,show a picture with a female like your wife, girlfriend or just a female friend this will show you're not on Facebook to pick up on girls, double the friend ad with a couple picture.

2. Use the text box (this is under your picture on your profile page) to explain what you do and what you are looking for. This will be seen when people add you, so if you're a web site builder for real estate you could say. (Example) I build custom websites for Real Estate Investors and Agents starting at $199 check my site out for free advice Your-website-here. Also looking for wholesale properties under 60 cents nationwide. So before they even request to add you as a friend they will know you're a website designer for real estate industry and an investor - "PERFECT". This will make you have a group of friends in your industry or your clients. (HOT TIP) you can use 236 letters-symbols in the text box and spaces don't count. Use spacing so people can read at a glance (less is more).

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