The 18 Hottest & Traditional Indonesian Desserts

In this post, you will study the eighteen Most Popular & Classic Indonesian Dessert recipes! From Klepon to Lapis Legit, Kue Putu to a variety of other desserts, there is one area for everyone in Indonesia! You can even learn how for making many of them! Despite your personal Tastes, you are going to love these sweet treats! Keep reading For additional strategies! When you've attempted all of them, you can make your own private Variation of those mouth watering Indonesian delicacies!


Klepon is actually a sweet treat designed with palm sugar and can be served heat or home temperature. Once cooked, the glutinous balls must be refrigerated for approximately 50 % an hour or so, so which the sugar can dissolve. You may freeze leftovers to appreciate later. You may get ready the glutinous balls in advance and preserve them from the fridge or freezer. To get ready the klepon, roll out a heaping teaspoon of dough into a round ball. Spot a hole while in the centre and fill with palm sugar. Seal the sides with all your hands and spot in the freezer.

A conventional Indonesian dessert, klepon is usually a delectable treat. Created from rice flour, palm sugar, and shredded coconut, klepon is mouth watering served heat or cold. It is part of Javanese cuisine, and is an excellent accompaniment to tea or coffee. Stated Amongst the 18 most favored & traditional Indonesian desserts, klepon has a long record.

Lapis Legit

Should you be pondering tips on how to bake a scrumptious cake, then it is best to try Lapis Legit, among the list of place's most classic and favourite desserts. This rich cake has regular Indonesian spices, and is often served being a celebration address, or like a birthday reward. Lapis Legit is typically produced with more than eighteen layers, and demands meticulous consideration to depth.

The ingredients of this Indonesian street deal with are comparable to Those people of kue maksuba, but it's the banana leaves which make the ice cream flavor much more like mango. It is additionally evenly sweet and similar to mango sticky rice. It is actually served through festivals and is a popular dessert in Hadhramout. In Indonesia, it's also a well-liked holiday deal with.

It's got a flower-shaped cross-portion, along with the recipe is refined more than the generations. The essential template has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, although the heat source has become transformed. Nowadays, condensed milk is usually added on the batter, imitating the more powerful taste of imported butter. For this recipe, The end result can be a cake that preferences as abundant for a slice of apple pie.

Kue Putu

Kue Putu is usually a steamed cake having a distinctly coconut flavour that's made out of glutinous rice flour and pandan leaves. The rice flour is frequently coloured environmentally friendly, along with the filling is manufactured from palm sugar. The mixture is then steamed inside a bamboo tube ahead of it really is served heat with grated coconut. Kue putu can be common in Malaysia.

To prepare the batter, mix the rice flour Using the pandan extract and salt. Knead the dough right up until it resembles a ball. Sift the dough all over again and incorporate some coconut for additional crunch. It could be served with cheese, chocolate, or peanuts. Kue Putu is usually a steamed pandan cake full of palm sugar and customarily steamed inside of bamboo tubes. The pandan cake is sweet and dense, Using the coconut providing the crunch.

Yet another Indonesian dessert is the kue ape, a healthier snack produced with rice flour and coconut milk. The feel and style is similar for the Portuguese egg tart, but having a slight savory undertone. The pudding is commonly found in Jakarta and Surabaya, the place it can be popularly offered at foods stalls. A further standard Indonesian dessert is kue wajik, a pudding comprised of glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, granulated white sugar, grated coconut, and suji leaves.

Kue Lapis

The normal Indonesian dessert Kue Lapis is usually a multi-layered cake comprised of rice flour and coconut milk. It's served throughout celebrations, as a present for birthdays, or as being a snack. The cake might have approximately 18 layers, and is particularly very talked-about during Indonesia. It's also designed utilizing rice flour, coconut milk, and food stuff colouring to create the distinctive layers of colour.

To produce kueh lapis, observe these uncomplicated actions: Cook the rice pudding until finally it reaches a smooth regularity, then eliminate it from your heat, and permit to cool totally. As soon as cooled, make use of a knife to chop it. An oiled knife is suggested. If you do not have a single, make use of a plastic knife as an alternative. Kueh Lapis keeps well for each day at area temperature, however it can previous as many as a week inside the fridge.

Certainly one of the preferred & standard Indonesian deserts, Kue Lapis has the perfect texture for any celebration. It is a tender, buttery cake that's infused with coconut milk, and it has a rich, sweet coconut style. Though the normal recipe calls for rice flour, lots of recipes use wheat flour instead. Either way, you are able to take pleasure in kue lapis as a conventional Indonesian dessert!

Kue Ku

Inside the place of Indonesia, kue is actually a bite-sized snack. The phrase kue suggests 'cake' and refers to many differing kinds of desserts. The basic ingredients of kue are rice flour, granulated sugar, egg, and coconut milk. It will likely be produced right into a crepe, wrapped all around bananas. Other versions of kue include kue pisang cokelat, which happen to be bananas wrapped in a thin crepe-like pastry shell. Yet another dessert, kue poffertjes, is constructed from cassava flour and sugar.

Yet another of the popular Indonesian desserts could be the Durian pancake. The dough is flattened, full of grated coconut, cinnamon, and palm sugar, and rolled up into a tube. They are typically eaten which has a cup of espresso or Kopi Tubruk, which is a conventional coffee consume. At first from North Sumatra, Kue Ku is a preferred handle in Southeast Asia Because the nineteenth century.


Wajik is actually a sticky rice cake in The form of a diamond. It is created from glutinous rice, coconut milk, palm sugar, and pandan leaves. The sweet taste of wajik is a great accompaniment to Indonesian espresso. The cake is usually served at home temperature, but is often refrigerated for later use. Customarily, wajik is Slash into diamond designs once it has cooled down, Even though the identify is actually derived from the game of wajik.

There are many types of wajik, such as belacan, bakkus, and tidbit. The tidbit is usually that the normal Model is termed dodol jenang, but the other versions are generally known as dodol kadodo wera and kandangan. Wajik is well known in Central Java, Kalimantan, and Jakarta.

Pisang Goreng

Initially launched by the Portuguese to be a breakfast staple, Pisang Goreng is currently regarded as a favorite afternoon snack in Indonesia. It's a deep-fried sweet address produced with banana and plantain. Served plain or with toppings, it is a really perfect afternoon snack. This popular deal with is additionally made with cassava and tempe. Toppings for Pisang Goreng include things like sugar, cinnamon, and ice cream.

The enduring Sup Buah is actually a wealthy, milky dish made with condensed milk and ice. Originally with the West Java province, it is analogous to cendol, another common Asian dessert. Road suppliers increase chopped fruit, sugar, and syrup. You may as well order Sup Buah with coconut milk if you prefer. It truly is served sizzling or chilly and pairs correctly with tea.

A Pisang Goreng could be the countrywide dish of Indonesia. It truly is crafted from fried rice and usually has an egg on leading. Most common Indonesian dishes are served with pickles and fresh veggies. Some pisang Goreng is vegan. Having said that, in case you are vegetarian, you need to Examine very carefully to verify It is ideal for you. The Indonesian cuisine is varied more than enough to satisfy every single taste bud.

Dadar Gulung

Any time you take a look at Indonesia, you have to try out the Dadar Gulung, among the country's most widely used desserts. The coconut pancakes are made of flour, palm sugar, egg, and coconut milk, with grated fresh coconut and cinnamon thrown in. They are sometimes served using a scoop of fresh new ice cream and red strawberries and so are a well known Avenue food solution.

The fried pastry balls, also called Onde-Onde or Jian Dui, originated in China and became a popular dessert in Indonesia. These balls are created from glutinous rice flour or wheat flour and filled with cooked inexperienced mung-bean paste. They are typically sprinkled with sesame seeds. Dadar Gulung provides a crunchy outer crust and also a gentle inside of texture.

The normal recipe is straightforward. Just make sure to stir the coconut filling perfectly and roll the pancake straight absent. If you don't have enough time to arrange the coconut filling, it is possible to soften it during the microwave for the number of seconds, then chop or grate it once again. In addition there are chocolate variations of this dessert, Nevertheless they use cocoa instead of pandan.

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