Subscribe to the Essential Football podcast from Sky Sports

Subscribe to the Essential Football podcast from Sky Sports

Your one-stop-shop for the best analysis and opinion from across the game; bringing you features, analysis, interviews and the Sunday Wrap for the best bitesize breakdown of the weekend's Premier League action

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Premier League Weekend Wrap: Gerrard 1-0 Lampard | Jesus rises Arsenal | Man Utd's melancholic malaise | Chaos at Chelsea-Spurs

Essential Football is back for a new season, full of analysis, insight, features and interviews to make sure you are up to date on everything going on across the Premier League and beyond.

Every Sunday night, get yourself clued up on the weekend's games with the Sunday Wrap, a round-up of all the weekend's Premier League matches featuring pundit reaction, player interviews and reporter analysis from up and down the top flight.

Missing your Premier League fix during the week? In midweek, we will have an array of feature podcasts during the season, on everything from going behind the scenes on Transfer Deadline Day to One2Eleven with players past and present.

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The Sky Sports Football podcast will continue to house a range of audio offerings, including Women's Football Show, Monday Night Football and Super Sunday.航海王:红发歌姬-完整版2022線上看-小鴨影音-hd1080p-10...特刀劍亂舞-花丸-雪之卷特別結局線上看完整版_-2022年电影twhk...

Don't forget to subscribe to the Transfer Talk podcast, the Gary Neville podcast, the Sunday Supplement, the Scottish Football Podcast and the EFL podcast.

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