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If you looking for Music Label Sachsen Anhalt, then you are at the perfect place.
we can offer you the right solution for every project. Whether producer, mix and master engineer, videographer, cover artist, or vocal coach. We find the right lid for every pot.
An international network sells and markets your products in both physical and digital formats. The physical as well as digital formats. Physical distribution is through a global network of sub-distributors based on indirect and direct distribution tiers. Thus you gain international relevance due to a high sales density.

Our Services:

  • Digital Sales
  • Physical Distribution
  • Promotion
  • International
We are the right contact person for you and will help your social media presence to shine again. Our young creative team finds the right output for every channel and has the right solution for every customer request.
East Music Management. Marketing and sales for artists of various genres from a single source. Trust your independent record label with its own sound carrier distribution.
For more information regarding Musik Label Halle Saale, visit our site:

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