In a surprise move, Square Enix has filed to trademark the name Star Ocean. The word around twitter and other places is that Square Enix is possibly ready to reboot the franchise for either the consoles or a mobile version. We have reported that Square Enix's new approach is to create more high quality mobile games. Square showed that they meant business by releasing Final Fantasy Tactics S for the IOS and android soon after the big announcement.
Square Enix is under a lot of pressure after having recorded a net loss for the last two quarters, their approach to producing less quality console games and more smartphones games is unusual but its something they feel like will produce more income for the company in the coming years. Star Ocean is a unique game for Square Enix because it is mostly a sci-fi type of game that involves space travel. The creators created Star Ocean with a sci-fi setting in mind and having cited Star Trek as their main influence. The series of Star Ocean games are mostly known for their real time battle engines and being one of the earliest games to allow alternate endings. One of the best

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