If you are looking for a sports fantasy application, then look no further than Exchange22. It's a holy grail of sports fantasy games, including cricket and stocks in harmony and real-life reward. It deals with sports-related supplies in a fantasy setting which Exchange22 has made possible. The sports fantasy application www.Exchange22.com is available for Android and iOS devices. The app is supported and recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government India. Thus, making exhange22 a fully legal and free app to use. Those who have dealt with stock marketing before will get the point system of Exchange22 trading frankly similar to stocks, where assets could face highs and lows.

Only pure sports knowledge is required to win a match in Exchange22 and withdraw real cash with higher return values. First-ever sports fantasy application, Exchange22 converges cricket and football with the stock exchange's, creating a fantasy platform where each user has a digital asset such as a player. They can exchange or sell it to others. Exchage22 users can exchange players, which is unique and like the first release for a sports fantasy application. However, they don't support any team creation feature in the app, which means users won't have a team companion. 

The user interface of Exchange22 is straightforward; anyone could start using it without any manual. The prices in Exchange22 fluctuates and sees their highs and lows as any stock market platform experiences. Players could quickly grasp and understand how the points are collected in Exchange22 since it has a simplified Points System. Moreover, one can create, edit and manage a Portfolio of Players in Exchange22 for your future matches. Every match will give you an instant result with all the details. For users, the bonus offers are active, which will significantly help you gain points.

Exchange22 lets you sell and trade players as a digital asset. The most important thing you want to do during the match is to monitor the players from the live match section, to understand the weakness and strengths of your players. Calculate the points from the Points Table after the game has ended. It will depend on your player performance, and depending on your points; you could win real cash.

Visit the exchange22's website to shop player's assets such as T-shirts, Cap, bats, etc. To know how to play the game, check out the How to Play section on the top menu and select cricket or football to learn more about playing a match in Exchange22. The FAQ section is both for Cricket and Football. From Introduction to how to withdraw real cash, every aspect of exchange22 is covered in the FAQ. 

Overall, Exchange22 introduces an excellent opportunity for those interested in earning money and who want to enjoy India's favorite passion, cricket, well now. Exchange22 allows users to do just that. You can earn real-life cash through live matches by using your knowledge in cricket and football. Thus, Exchane22 is gain traction among sports enthusiasts and people who deal with Stock tradings, the ecosystem developing to be elegant and fair for everyone. All these make the Exchange22 sports fantasy application awesome, next-gen, and appealing to the masses.

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