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An ideal and super easy application that can be used on any operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. If you are looking for a way to transfer or share files between two or more devices, that’s quick and safe to use too. Then, you have got to the right place and along with it, you will also take some useful information. Here, you will find out some great alternatives to that we have gathered and listed for you.
Snapdrop is an open source online file sharing application allowing you to share and transfer files from device to device instantly through a local network. Using the same local network, multiple nearby devices can be connected to it. You don’t need to sign up or link devices as we normally do in WhatsApp. No worries, it uses peer to peer encrypted connection just like Whatsapp which means that your files are sent and received only between the sender and recipient.

What’s good about Snapdrop?

While on the go, if you have opened and loaded Snapdrop on your device. During this time, if the Wi-Fi connection drops or gets lost. You may still remain connected with the other device and continue sharing files as long as the interface is synced.

How to use Snapdrop

→ Visit the site in your browser. A simple interface of Snapdrop will appear. Here, you need to make sure that files you are sharing with, the device must be connected to the same local network. Multiple devices can also be connected and they will be automatically discoverable upon connecting with the same local network.

→ A blue round button with logo of either computer or mobile will appear. Tap the button to share files. If you want to leave a message, you can long tap the same button. After doing so, you will be asked to select files that you wanna share. Remember, you can also select multiple files.

→ Files will be instantly shared between the two devices. The recipient device will receive the file upon successful sharing.

Snapdrop Alternatives

There are more than 10 similar alternatives available for different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone etc. Looking and evaluating all the platforms, we found the best file sharing alternative to Snapdrop is Send Anywhere which is completely free of cost, quick and simple to use. Some of the other alternatives include Sharedrop except few features. It also looks more than like a copy of Snapdrop. Please click here and visit our website, Thank You.

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