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BakkesMod is just a mod that offers many new features and improvements to the Rocket League game. It had been developed by Bakke_Oberon, who has been taking care of it since September 2016. The development of the mod includes bug fixes, performance changes, and feature additions. One feature addition allows players to get opponents via tags such as rank or ping. There's also a chatbox for communication with other users in-game without ever having to leave the matchmaking screen. Players are now able to set up their particular custom rooms where they can play with friends or just practice against 


So the initial advantage is the capability to play a "creative mode" without to be able to easily make the most of an innovative player. In BakkesMod, you've to benefit your blocks and items, so there's no point in taking an unfair advantage over other players by hacking or breaking the rules. And as you almost certainly already guessed from the title, another advantage is as possible play with every other Minecraft map that's been ported to BakkesMod. Because of the capability to load maps from different modifications, this mod is compatible with maps such as for example "The Aether 2" and "The Erebus." 

A few of the changes to gameplay might make you wondering so how different your game could be with just a couple tweaks. An example is power slides: depending where surface you're driving on, jumping at very high speeds can cause your vehicle to slide. Another fun change is 'Random Boosts': even if it's unclear why getting random boosts while experimenting corners never gets old. Perfect for pressuring your opponents or boosting out of danger; sometimes both at once! 

It doesn't matter whether you're wanting to score, juking your opponents or saving yourself each time you take the ball away with a great shot feels as an achievement. They're just two examples of numerous; there's a great deal more to find out! If you'd like to experience these Rocket League trainer for yourself (and trust us, you should), take a look at our article on where you could download them. Do note that some mods could need extra files, which we'll link as well. Regardless, have fun playing Rocket League! 

Another disadvantage will be the realm limitations, which is really a bit similar to the lack of official support I mentioned earlier. Maps like "The Erebus" and "The Aether 2" have a few realms designed for players to decide on from. It will help separate the wheat from the chaff, while they say. To get supplementary details on Bakkesmod please look at BAKKESMOD


With every one of these new features added in, there's no reason not to offer this mod a take to! So, given that you know about the mod's features and how to use them, what are you currently waiting for? Now get out there and start playing Rocket League with BakkesMod!

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