Pressure Washing Baton Rouge - Roof cleaning Baton Rouge

Xtreme Softwash provides one of the best Roof cleaning Baton Rouge services in Baton Rogue.
We are locally owned and operated in South Louisiana offering Residential and Commercial Roof and Exterior Cleaning. At Xtreme Soft Wash, we use a low-pressure system to deliver a customized treatment solution to meet the demands of each project.
We strive to become your top pick when choosing a softwash company to hire for your upcoming projects.  Our aim is to provide the most quality for your dollar and exceed your expectations every time!

Why Choose Us:

  • We Move Fast
  • Eye For Detail
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Local Matters
Baton Rouge roof cleaning services use a variety of techniques to effectively clean and restore roofs. Soft washing is a popular method, which involves the use of low-pressure water and a specialized cleaning solution to remove algae and other growth from the roof's surface. This method is gentle enough to prevent damage to the roofing materials while effectively cleaning the roof.

Xtreme Softwash is a local South Louisiana business.  We care deeply about this area and are proud to serve the communities within it.  Our reputation means everything to us and we will always treat every client like they are part of our family.
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