You know…
People have preconceptions about what a Wedding Day should be like. The tastes and preferences are not discussed, and you wonder if you can really create something that will make so excited everyone who will be present to share that wonderful day with you wedding videographer Tuscany. Between anxiety and too many questions in mind, certainty is the only thing that really serves. Weddingfilmtuscany, an idea designed and created by Emanuele Mura Wedding Films ( ), has become a reality in which thousands of couples believe. Brides and spouses from all over the world are part of the big family, part of the great reality called weddingfilmtuscany.
Weddingfilmtuscany between the film and reality
You know…
Often the ideas are contradictory, but not for you: you already know how you want your wedding to be. You designed and imagined the scenario a thousand times and finally you will see everything with your eyes. Finally you will experience a lot of emotions in the first person. You will see your guests, but you will not see yourself as they will see you. This is one of the credems of weddingfilmtuscany by Mura: the great opportunity to see and review yourself many times. Looking at yourself as if you were another person and rediscovering every little detail that creates you and represents you. Weddingfilmtuscany by Mura combines reality, expectations and the art of putting everything together.
Let yourself be watched…
You know…
Your Wedding Day will be emotional, exciting, shocking to the point of exploding from happiness. Even if everyone will tell you not to worry about it, you will, because they are emotions that must be lived only once in the life. You will be stressed but happy, anxious but excited, you will be afraid but you will be safer than ever. Only you will know what emotions you feel. Only weddingfilmtuscany by Mura will succeed in expressing you. You will recognize yourself from the first seconds of the wedding trailer made by EmanueleMura Wedding Films. You will live and relive the same emotions as on your wedding day. You will be amazed how your story will be identical with the one transmitted from the hands of a true master. Let yourself be told as if you were talking about yourself. Let yourself be watched by weddingfilmtuscany by Mura as if you were watching yourself.

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