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The paintball smoke grenade is something you should not be without if you want to Buy Smoke Grenades online  a paintball game that simulates real battle. This type of grenade is especially made for paintball games and it can emit harmless smoke that is usually bright in color. Like typical smoke screens, it helps shield you against enemies and it can produce smoke that lasts for 3 to 15 minutes.


The smoke of a paintball smoke grenade can spread across an outdoor area spanning from 30,000 cubic feet up to 500,000 cubic feet. You can also buy one in flameless or standard types depending on the size of the paintball field where you are planning to use them. Flameless paintball smoke grenades can be ignited by batteries via a remote, but they are commonly used by firefighters, the military, and the police for training.

Standard grenades for paintball

On the other hand, the standard paintball smoke grenade is manually ignited like a usual grenade with a pin that you have to pull out. This type of smoke grenade emits bright orange smoke that can cover an area of around 30,000 cubic feet up to 100,000 cubic feet. Its smoke can also last for a maximum of 4 minutes.

Mind the smoke range and time limit

When buying a smoke grenade for paintball, be sure to check its time limit and its smoke range. There are smoke grenades that can produce smoke for at least 3 minutes but there are those that can produce as much as 10 minutes or more. Also, take note of how big your paintball field is. If it is small, the smoke grenade should only be able to produce smoke meant for areas that are 30,000 cubic feet in size. Larger fields will require smoke range up to 500,000 cubic feet.

Important information

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