Ontario IV Therapy - Ozone And Los Angeles NAD Therapy

If you want Ontario IV Therapy then here you will get it.
IV Profusion is a concierge healthcare company specializing in the science of intravenous vitamin (IV) therapy. Conveniently visit a qualified nurse at your home, office, or hotel for individual and group appointments.
Why IV Vitamin Therapy? IV Mixture Therapy effectively delivers nutrients to the body by addressing the circulatory system. Dietary supplements are introduced directly into the bloodstream via an intravenous (IV) line, bypassing the gastrointestinal system.

 IVs make certain nutrients readily available and absorb nearly 100% of nutrients for maximum results and minimum waste.

Our Services:

  • IV Vitamin therapy
  • NAD therapy
  • Cynosure Potenza
  • Ozone and UBI Therapy
Let’s discuss your health and wellness requirements. Our registered nurses administer vitamin infusions under the close supervision of a doctor to ensure our clients get the maximum results from our IV therapy treatments.
For a free consultation and to book your treatment, you can call 888-MY-IV-PRO (888-69-8776) or book an appointment by clicking the link below.

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