One of the most Famous Japanese Famous people of All Period

There’s a lot to love about Japan – the springs, cuisine, wats or temples, and the Japanese celebrities! Although Traditional western audiences will often lump them into a single type with Chinese and Korean stars, Western celebrities have their own unique charm and appeal!

Naomi Watanabe Age: thirty-one years old Job: Actor, comedian, superstar impersonator, fashion developer

With her self-confidence, talent, and humor, it’s not hard to see why Naomi Watanabe is the most famous Japanese person on Instagram! This half-Japanese-half-Taiwanese comedian caught everyone’s attention after the girl iconic impersonations of Beyoncé and Female Gaga in 2008. She’s most widely known for her down-to-earth personality, positive energy, and silly on-stage antics.

When she’s not making people have a good laugh, Naomi is uplifting women to accept their curves and develop body positivism. In an job interview with NHK Entire world, she expressed, “If you like yourself, you can try everything. ” – emphasising the benefit of self-love and confidence. Yet words were not all she offered, Naomi started the girl own fashion range, Punyus, to provide small to plus-size clothing. Her goal is in order to beauty and weight requirements in Tokyo by creating a brand that’s inclusive of all body dimensions.

Yukina Kinoshita-Fujimoto Age group: 31 years old Profession: TV personality, movie actress, model, singer

This hot Korean beauty started out as a lingerie model at 19 years old and then became one of the most popular TELEVISION personalities in Japan. She’s widely recognised for her songs group Pabo and guest appearances on the funny TELEVISION show Quiz! Hexagon II. It was in this series that she fulfilled Toshifumi Fujimoto who would later become her husband and the father of their two girls.

Masami Nagasawa Age group: 32 years of age Job: Movie, TV, and voice celebrity

Masami Nagasawa has one of the most famous voices in the world being the voice actress behind Miki Okudera from the award winning movie Kimi Simply no Na Wa (Your Name), and Umi Matsuzaki in Facility Ghibli’s From On Poppy Hill in 2011.

When it comes to any form of acting, Masami shows great dedication and passion. For your Taiwanese drama show Chocolat, her role required her to learn Chinese. The girl boldly took on the challenge and devoted to learning the language every day for more than five months. Today, she continues working being an actress and has starred in highly-acclaimed films like Our Little Cousin and Kingdom.

Nanao Arai Age: thirty years old Career: Model and celebrity

Standing at 5 feet and seven and a fifty percent inches, you can guess that Nanao has got hip and legs for the. She joined the entertainment industry when she was only 20 years old. After modelling constantly for journals like Ginger and Pinky, she became a cosmetic brand ambassador and an actress. Often representing the bad young lady in movies, Nanao decided to change it up this year. In her upcoming film Marigold in 4 Moments, she put the girl acting chops to the test by playing an unassertive and timid character.

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