NJORD Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals | UK Manufactured

If you are looking for NJORD carpet cleaners in UK then you are at the perfect place.
NJORD has ignited our ancestral Viking heritage and created a new product line utilizing next-generation chemistry. Job-specific products to help you get fantastic results, Easier and faster than ever. Nothing is more important than happy customers and in our industry first impressions last a lifetime. Get it the right first time with NJORD.

Our Main Products:

Our products have been; designed, engineered, and formulated in Northwest UK. All with one thing in mind. That is making our customer's results better and lives easier.
  • Pre-Sprays
  • In-Tank
  • Premium Deodorisers
  • Foam Destroyer
  • Ceramic Fabric Protector
Designed by cleaners for cleaners to reduce cleaning times and provide usage instructions that are easy to follow.

Our products are job and soil specific to make it easier than ever to get professional results every single time. All of our products are UK-manufactured and offer next-generation chemistry and unstoppable cleaning power.
For more information regarding upholstery cleaning chemicals, visit our site: https://www.njordchemicals.com/ or contact us: 0161 706 1212

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