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Are you in search of upholstery cleaning chemicals then you are at the perfect place.
NJORD has sparked our genealogical Viking heritage and also created a brand-new line of products using next-generation chemistry.
Job-specific items to assist you to get superb outcomes, Easier and also faster than ever before. Absolutely nothing is more important than satisfied clients as well as in our sector impression last a lifetime. Get it the right very first time with NJORD.

NJORD has ignited our ancestral Viking heritage and created a new product line utilizing next-generation chemistry. Job-specific products to help you get fantastic results, Easier and faster than ever. Nothing is more important than happy customers and in our industry first impressions last a lifetime. Get it the right first time with NJORD.
  • FOAM DESTROYER – Industrial Anti-Foam Concentrate
  • LUST – Premium Deodoriser
  • GREED – Premium Deodoriser
  • Ceramic Fabric Protector
As a carpet cleaning business owner – when I found chemicals that worked consistently, they were hugely over-priced. We have been testing NJORD on real jobs daily and I couldn’t be happier with what we have come up with for the cost.
For detailed information regarding NJORD carpet cleaners, visit our site: https://www.njordchemicals.com/

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