What may have been Colin Kaepernick’s last shot at a National Football League job didn’t go very well, according to Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.

Speaking to urban news site VladTV, Sapp didn’t hold back when Kaepernick’s May workout with the Las Vegas Raiders came up in conversation. The VladTV host mentioned that there were rumors the workout didn’t go very well.

Sapp jumped in, saying, “I heard it was a disaster. I heard it was one of the worst workouts ever. I’m wondering how the hell this happened and the tape didn’t get out, right?”

Sapp said it was very suspicious that no video has emerged. .

The Raiders gave Kaepernick a workout opportunity, as the club is seeking a backup quarterback and hoped Kaepernick still had something left, even though he’s been out of pro football for six years.

After the workout, the Raiders said the tryout “went well,” but didn’t provide extensive details beyond saying the door was open for a signing. Radio silence followed.

Kaepernick last played in 2017 for the San Francisco 49ers. He has since carved out a career as a spokesperson for social causes, becoming an icon for Nike.

The Black Swan actress, 41, shared that when she was filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, she once spotted her co-star, 38, attempting to pick up his kids during the after-school rush without being noticed.

"Chris' kids, for a period of the shooting, came to town and went to the same school as my kids," Natalie said on the June 24 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! "One day, we ended up at school pick up at the same time and I just felt so bad for him."

While the actress—who is mom to son Aleph, 11, and daughter Amalia, 5—acknowledged that Chris is "really famous everywhere," she explained that factor is multiplied exponentially in his home country.

To remain undetected, Natalie watched Chris try to hide behind a tree until his kids—daughter India, 10, and twin sons Tristan and Sasha, 8—arrived but was "unable to, obviously" given his fame.

Origin Stories: How Marvel Cast All Of Your Favorite Superheroes

Reflecting on the moment, the Marvel actress jokingly told guest host Sean Hayes, "It felt like some weird sitcom of the superheroes at school pickup, you know?"

Westworld Season 4 Episode 1

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Thankfully, Natalie shared that it was a problem that she didn't personally experience herself.

"I'm small and can kind of camouflage with the moms," she said. "Then he comes in and it's like a Greek god walking through!"

The actress, who is reprising her role as Jane Foster in the upcoming Marvel film, revealed that her children are especially looking forward to seeing her pick up Thor's hammer Mjolnir and transform into the God of Thunder herself.

"They're really excited about it," she shared. "It's pretty cool to have something that my kids are really thrilled about, because usually they're just like ‘Don't go to work, Mommy.' Now, they're like, ‘Go go go go!'"

In fact, her daughter is so delighted she even purchased her mom's action figure.

"My daughter got her own! She went with her nanny the other day and got the doll from the store and came home with it," Natalie said. "She's been running around with it going like, ‘Super mommy!' Which made me very, very excited."

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