Moon Knight's situation is far different from WandaVision's

Marvel shows on Disney+ have largely delivered great finales so far. Final episodes have given us the first appearance of Sam Wilson as Captain America, He Who Remains warning Loki and Sylvie about the incoming Kang the Conqueror, and the Watcher forced to intervene against an Infinity Stone-powered Ultron.

Marvel Studios is will soon bring the sixth and final episode of Moon Knight, the MCU's sixth full series on Disney+ and the first new project of 2022. After five episodes of action, fans are eagerly waiting for the last entry for Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector as he prepares for the ultimate battle against Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow.

The biggest question after Episode 6 pertains to where Marc Spector will go next after his first solo journey within the MCU, particularly with notable ties to heroes and villains still waiting to make their MCU debuts. From a potential team-up with the Midnight Suns to eventual interactions with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, there seem to be plenty of stories for Moon Knight to tackle in the foreseeable future.

More presently, it's still a mystery if and when Moon Knight will continue into a second season, particularly when considering that the series has been billed as limited during its entire run.

Now, with its supposedly only season nearing the last episode, there may be hope for more thanks to some wording from a recent social media post.

An apparent blunder from Marvel Studios' social media team has fans more hopeful about Moon Knight's renewal for a second season.

At 11:00 am ET on Monday morning, Marvel Studios' official Twitter page tweeted out Moon Knight's finale trailer, stating in the post that Moon Knight's "series finale" would begin streaming this week. This post was quickly removed from Twitter in the minutes after being posted. Fourteen minutes later, Marvel Studios reposted the trailer, this time noting the upcoming episode as the "season finale" instead of the series finale.

Throughout Moon Knight's entire run on Disney+, Marvel Studios has been adamant about calling the show a "limited series," meaning that the series was developed with only one season in ind. This has been confirmed as the case for WandaVision, even with a slight chance that this status could change, but other MCU shows are already set for multiple seasons, including Loki and What If...?.

Moon Knight's situation is far different from WandaVision's, regardless of the similarities in their storytelling, partly due to the fact that this is Oscar Isaac's first time playing the character within the MCU. As clear as it is that he'll be back for future team-up adventures in Phase 4 and beyond, there was always some confusion about Marvel's decision to avoid plans for a second season of Moon Knight.

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Now, thankfully, Marvel subtly hinted that more Moon Knight is on the way after an epic showdown in the desert, hopefully bringing Marc Spector into his peak form as a superhero. There's also the potential that this could come with his first Avengers ties, and there's even a chance that Marvel will use Episode 6 to confirm a second season on the way, just as Loki did last year.

No matter how the details work out, Moon Knight should be back sooner rather than later.

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