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Sell your modified car Modcarsforsale is the best solution to target your car sale towards sell modified car enthusiasts looking to buy. Be in total control of your car sale.

It's never been easier to find your next modified car for sale. is California's most comprehensive modified car catalog. You'll have no trouble finding your next automobile with over 100's of modified car ad postings for sale at any given moment across the country.

Visit our "sell modified cars" page if you're looking to sell your modified vehicle. You can build your ad that will remain active until your vehicle is sold.

Below is a list of our recently added automobiles for sale.

Find Your Next Car:

Whether you’re looking for a customized show car with clean lines and immaculate bodywork.. An imported Japanese car.. Or your next project car.. Our used modified car page lists the best selling a modified car  from around the UK.

Sell Your Car Free:

Explore modded cars for sale quickly and easily with our free advert. Listing your car with us allows you to target your sale at buyers who are looking to purchase a modified car. Oh, and did we mention it’s 100% free!


When you create your car advert on selling a modified car Autos, it will stay active and visible until your car sells.

We have thousands of potential buyers every day looking for their next used car. Every buyer who views your car advert is specifically looking to purchase a modified car. Did we also mention it is 100% free to create your car advert.

Click the button below to get started. It takes less than 2 minutes!

Selling privately:

If you are looking to sell your modified car is the right place.

You can sell your car with us whether your car is heavily modified, or has a couple of small exterior aftermarket parts. We have buyers who are looking to purchase completely overhauled cars, and buyers looking to start new projects!

Your best bet is to list all modifications you have carried out. And any technical specs you include will help our buyers filter our car listings, increasing the chance for your ad to be seen!

Selling as a dealer:

If you are looking to sell multiple modified cars then upgrading to a free dealer account will be best.

With a dealer account you get to upload up to 20 car listings. If 20 cars isn’t enough, and you have higher volume please get in touch and we will manually review your account.

You also get the added benefit of uploading more pictures for each listing. And you get your dealer information, including logo, email and address on the listing page. This allows buyers to instantly recognise your brand throughout our listings.

Upgrading is free and takes less than 30 seconds.

Managing your ad:

You can manage your free listings with ease from your dashboard.

Simply visit your dashboard by clicking the user icon in top right corner, and select your listing. From there you will be taken to our edit listing page, where you can upload new photos, change your price and change the description.

We aim to make selling your modified car as easy as it can possibly be. Manage your advert with ease!

Post your Modified Car:

Sell your customized car to thousands of buyers by creating a $5 listing.


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