As rapid and enormous as the e-commerce industry has grown since the pioneering days of the internet, so has the need for the service providers to deliver solutions. The world has become engrossed in the vast variety of e-businesses entering the online industry and the competition grows. With these growths, the price wars have shifted from the local streets to the "Super Highway" of the internet. The vendors doing business in these conditions have experienced the need to process transactions of all sizes, from major purchases to the smallest items or micro-transactions. This has launched yet another variation of the online service provider.소액결제 현금화

Micropayments are financial transactions involving very small sums of money. Micropayments were initially devised as a way of allowing the sale of online content and were envisioned to involve small sums of only a few cents. These transactions would enable people to sell content and now-a-days to sell games online and would be an alternative to advertising revenue. In the business world today e-businesses and social networks continue to develop products and entertainment services to attract more and more people and to increase the interest of the potential global audiences.

With this expanding interest in the social networks and online gaming, solutions were needed to resolve monetizing systems so that the entities involved can recuperate their investments and earn a profit from this fast growing phenomenon. This drive leads e-commerce service providers to offer solutions specifically for the Social networks and the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO or MMOG) gaming industries.

These expanding markets have offered software and digital content developers a constantly growing market place to sell their product or services online. In turn the online payment providers have evolved to encompassing this growth and become what is referred to as a "Complete E-Commerce Service" provider. This designation lets the general public know that they provide solutions for shopping or conducting transactions online.

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