In the summer, our Henley T-Shirts will keep your body cool and comfortable while keeping you warm and snug in the winter. Wayrates has a wide selection of men's henley T-Shirts all around the world. Have a look at tactical casual clothing to stay updated on the current fashions.

Have a look at our most widely used designs and browse our men's henley T-shirts for year-round wear. With a brand new design, we've given our men's henley T-Shirt a modern makeover. The Henley Collection at Our Store is comprised of a variety of vibrant colors. Everything you need are at your fingertips. What's going on? Your purchasing should begin right now.

Choose the proper size

Good style is focused on finding the right fit. It's not merely the suit and dress shirt that want to suit well; t-shirts also have to be comfortable to wear.

Size/Tightness: The best fit for a tshirt is a balance between loose and tight. You'll look ugly in it if it's too big and drapes just like a pillowcase. If your tactical casual clothing is too tight, you'll seem egotistical, flamboyant, and/or douchey, with respect to the context by which you're wearing it.

Sleeves: Shoulder-to-shoulder length is ideal for a shirt. If you're exceptionally tall, sleeves that stretch a little farther down might appear more proportionate.

Length: The underside length of one's shirt should fall just below your hips, preferably a few inches below your waistline. Once you bend over, you risk displaying your back/butt crack/belly if you're any shorter than you need to be. Shirts which can be too much time turn become nightgowns.

Shape: Avoid oversized shirts with sleeves that seem like a sandwich board. Ideally, you'd want the shirt to be cut such that it resembles your body in a delicate way.

It could be difficult to locate a shirt that fits all of these criteria, but it's worth the effort. That $5 tourist t-shirt will cost $25 instead, and you won't want to return for this afterward.


Choosing t-shirts made of 100% cotton is the best option in many cases. Cotton is an all-natural, soft, cool, and static-resistant fabric. Alternatively, a 50/50 mix of polyester is an acceptable choice; the synthetic fiber is less permeable, pilling more readily from use and increasing static, but inaddition it makes the shirt less moisture-absorbing and more prone to shrinking.


Our men's henley t-shirts for men can be found in a variety of colors and styles that will enhance your own personal style. To achieve this, we have introduced a brand new choice of tactical casual clothing for men at Wayrates.T-shirts from our designer collection have a wide selection of eye-catching designs that will enhance your overall look.

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