Malva’s story continues Outlander’s problematic sexual assault storylines

We know that Outlander season 6 episode 5 is arriving in just a matter of hours, but there’s something quite fantastic to check out while you wait!

Over the weekend, the fine folks over at Starz have unveiled a new Outlander in 360 video series that gives you unprecedented access to parts of the show you don’t often experience. Have we seen behind the scenes looks at the set before? Absolutely, but what we haven’t had before is an experience that feels like you are stepping right into it!

If you look below, you can get an introduction to some of this courtesy of set decorator Stuart Bryce. Meanwhile, if you visit the link here you can see a full playlist all about the Cherokee Village and so much more. In some of these videos, you can see and hear from cast members like Sam Heughan and John Bell and even showrunner Matthew B. Roberts. This sort of technology still feels new (even if it’s been around a couple of years), but it absolutely feels like you’re about to dive into the world like never before! You also can see all of the intricate details that go into crafting a world like the Cherokee Village. Heughan, for example, mentions the hundreds of First Nations in Canada who were flown over to be a part of the village in Scotland, where the show films.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 5 Online
Watch Outlander Season 6 Episode 5
Watch Outlander Season 6 Episode 5 Online
Outlander Episode 5 Online
Watch Outlander Episode 5
Watch Outlander Episode 5 Online s6e5

We’ve seen a good bit of the Cherokee so far in season 6 and ultimately, they will have an important role to play in the events to come. The same goes for so many people from top to bottom. We’re on the precipice now of the Revolutionary War, and with that of course is going to come peril, turmoil, and difficult decisions. We may know already how the war concludes, but there are still questions regarding how we end up getting there.

In recent episodes of Outlander, Malva has taken an interest in Claire and her powerful ability to heal. Noticing this, Claire has taken Malva on as her apprentice. However, Malva and Claire both know that Mr. Christie does not approve of some of Claire’s practices, even believing her once to be potentially guilty of witchcraft. Tangentially, Malva also revealed that her mother was once accused of witchcraft, and hanged for it.

Knowing that Mr. Christie is hypervigilant when it comes to the persecution of witchcraft, and suggesting once that Claire might be one herself (a repeated storyline in the world of Outlander) it seems likely that Malva, now Claire’s apprentice, is being set up to have the same unenviable fate as her mother: being hanged for witchcraft. Not only does Malva have an affinity for medicine, but, in Outlander season 6, episode 4, Malva also demonstrates a curiosity about sexuality after witnessing Jamie and Claire have sex after Jamie’s return from meeting with the Cherokee. Between Malva’s nonchalance around modern medicine and sex, it seems likely her father might soon suspect she’s been corrupted by wickedness, and that does not bode well for the intelligent young woman.

Ever since the Christie family arrived on Fraser’s Ridge, there’s been underlying darkness hiding beneath both Malva and her father Mr. Christie. While Outlander has shown how this darkness manifests in Mr. Christie, it remains to be seen how this will manifest in Malva. Perhaps as her curiosities about medicine and sex grow deeper, it’s possible that Malva may no longer be able to keep these curiosities a secret from her father, who already beats her constantly for her "sinful" ways. Mr. Christie accusing his daughter of witchcraft would be a natural progression for the characters, even if Malva’s story continues Outlander’s problematic sexual assault storylines.

And, if Malva’s proclivities are discovered by her father, then the only remaining bastion that stands in the way of her meeting the same fate as her mother would be Jamie Fraser. The Frasers and Mr. Christie have already repeatedly butted heads over how the Ridge should be governed, mainly due to Mr. Christie’s staunch religious strictures. Perhaps, with Malva’s life on the line for witchcraft, this power struggle would finally rear its ugly head one final time, as Jamie tries to protect his wife’s apprentice, while Mr. Christie would seek religious condemnation and “justice.”

With a shorter season on its hands, Outlander season 6’s new characters have already introduced several ongoing conflicts that are likely to have explosive, fiery climaxes as the season progresses. Just one of these threads is Malva Christie. While she may have the protection of the Frasers for now, Malva will have to tread carefully to avoid being found out by her father. Otherwise, it seems likely that she might suffer the same fate as her own mother.

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