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TAG Heuer Carrera TAG Heuer watches -01 three new models

swiss watches for men.Follow three new models released when it debuted at Baselworld last year, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Carrera 01 is let - the new creative direction Claude Beaver, that the most important TAG Heuer version. Difficult to have their own brand name products, meaning two debates in its title, but it may be beside the point. What is the point, however, is the origin of the 21st century, Carrera is believed to do so carried forward only published Baselworld 2016 TAG Heuer three new and modern decisive change Heuer Carrera chronograph 01.

For the next 2016, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Carrera 01 will be available in three new flavors, using the same 45 mm modular case, since the 2015 edition - and, if you remember, the Carrera Chronograph Tourbillon tables used very consistent. Carrera case of this modern, land for construction has opened up a wealth of creative possibilities, 12 different modular elements, enabling designers to swap out parts, material and color changes are relatively easy - so taking into account these new option is a necessary first iteration watches cheap

First up is a metal strap version, installation and use Carrara signature H-shaped links decorated beautifully brushed and polished stainless steel strap a relatively mild, sports products. Compare all steel TAG Heuer Carrera are 01 "Gray Ghost" - aerospace grade titanium rendered menacing, but the choice of ultra-light, I believe that these two bold, masculine style will prove to be for those who prefer a rubber strap bracelet is quite popular, but has been eager to TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Carrera 01 look.Chopard watches at discount. Interestingly, TAG Heuer similar success hastening their more modern style watch this series, while restoring their favorite member of TAG Heuer Autavia retro look, it would be an impressive feat, if successfully meet the two JCB different buyers and brand fans. Besides, if anyone can do it, it would be him. Anyway, back to the new watch ......

TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Carrera 01 third version with a black ceramic element not only choose to change things up visually and texture, but in order to reduce the high friction areas of wear - member including an outer case, bezel and lugs . Now, we can see the rubber strap to choose from blue, black, red and white, but we are definitely more to come.nice cheap RICHARD MILLE WATCHES

Hollow inside this watch ya 01 chronograph movement is a label based on 1887 chronograph movement, albeit with some modifications. It is in the details of the conversion package, like an open date on the disc, contrasting red column wheel and a rotor similar to a high-performance black racing wheel - all of which leave little doubt you are looking for a TAG Heuer. Sport offers 50 hours of power reserve, to price Franck Muller MARINER Watches


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