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A PARADIGM SHIFT: WHAT CAN HYPERAUTOMATION ACHIEVE? Hyperautomation consultants can deliver a solution within weeks rather than months or even a year because they don’t adopt the traditional hyperautomation tools way of writing code line by line,” begins Arjun Devadas, Senior Vice President, Services and Operations, Vuram as he speaks to Techopedia. The article captures Arjun Devadas’ insights on: How hyperautomation contrasts to traditional automation? How organizations can overcome the resistance to change? Expected ROI through achieving hyperautomation As an example of how hyperautomation can be practised in real life, Arjun Devadas speaks on how Vuram helped build a loan origination platform that would enable their banking clients to offer PPP loans in response to the COVID-19. https://www.techopedia.com/what-hyperautomation-can-achieve/2/34514

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