How to be a personal concierge shopper in Dubai? 5 Points guide

Personal shoppers in Dubai are someone who shop for other people to make a living. Personal buyers can shop for all, ranging from food to furniture, but most personal buyers buy clothes and accessories for their clients. Some personal buyers work directly for their personal clients or stylists.Others work for boutiques or department stores that offer personal shopping services.


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What do personal shoppers do?

Job descriptions for personal shoppers vary depending on the client. Personal buyers may offer advice to clients when shopping together, helping them build self-confidence in their appearance without being too pushy. Or, they might work with a professional fashion industry to track very specific online clothing items. Some personal buyers choose clothes for clients who do not want to shop for themselves, send photos of clothing choices, or carry the clothing rack to the client's house.


How to become a personal shopper

Even though personal spending is not a traditional career path, there are several concrete ways to get experience.


  1. Learn all about the fashion industry. You must have a strong understanding of the fashion industry, including the latest fashion trends, fair prices, and creative styles. Read magazines and fashion books. If you are looking for direct experience, consider working in other fashion industry. You might work in retail or as an assistant for Stylists or Fashion photographers. Whatever you do, spending time around industry professionals will help your personal shopping career.
  2. Learn about fit and customized. Even though sewing may not be part of your work as a personal shopper, it is your job to help your clients find something suitable. Understand the basics of how clothing is suitable and how to adjust clothing can help you identify which cuts that fit your client's unique body.
  3. Learn about photography. You can attract new clients by showing off your fashion photography on social media. You don't need a luxury camera, but you need to learn to direct your model and arrange their clothes to look great.
  4. Practice on friends and family. Your first client base consists of people you know. Offer your skills to friends and family. In return to help them find perfect clothes, ask if you can post photos they look extraordinary on your social media account. This is a great way to attract potential clients while practicing your skills. Try to work with various types of body and personal style. You might be great to buy your own clothes, but shopping for others is a completely different game.
  5. Give VIP shopping experience.Shopping can be a vulnerable experience, so it's important to make your clients feel comfortable. Consider the way you can prepare yourself for your clients first, such as planning a shopping route, making connections with sales force that helps to get the best customer service, and ensure the experience of the dressing room is easy and relaxed.

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