How To Avoid An Acl Injury In Soccer
The chances of an ACL injury happening has been on a rise significantly over the years. Most notably, ACL injuries due to soccer have been one of the main risks that effect the youth to adults. Many players, and even coaches are not properly informed about how to treat and prevent this injury.

However, knowing how to avoid an ACL injury while training for soccer crucial!
There is no guarantee of successfully avoiding an ACL injury. However, you can minimize your chances of having an ACL injury from soccer. There are three basic components to this: Strength, Sporting Mechanics and Recovery. Making yourself adept at all three of these components will ensure that you are doing everything you can do avoid an ACL injury during a soccer match.

Make sure that all your lower body muscles have about the same strength levels. Having a muscular imbalance in your lower body, especially with your quadriceps is one of the main areas of improvement to avoid ACL injury. The lack of proper recruitment of other muscles such as the gluteus maximus and the hamstrings can pose a serious problem when it comes to the mechanics, resulting in injuries over time. Always train every part of your lower body through exercises such as the squats, glute raise and abductor and adductor trainings.

Sports Mechanics
Your soccer training should adequately cover sports mechanics. This involves the way your knees and legs move while playing the sport and the way to deal with unstable situations, such as falling. With time, practice and experience, you should be adequately trained in mechanics.

How to Avoid an ACL Injury In Soccer Recovery
If you are constantly placing a high impact on your body through the mechanics of the game (such as tackling), chances are the undue stress on your body will be felt over time. This is particularly troubling and you should be getting proper recovery for your body through sufficient sleep, nutrition and a proper warm upbefore training.

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