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Factually correct data adds credibility to the research conducted on any subject matter. The generated numbers paint a picture that signifies the importance of the subject matter to society and raises its awareness amongst people. It could be about educating parents regarding the cognitive development of children within a specific age range or stressing on the importance of world pollution day.

But, presenting the data can be a challenge. You have to pick out the important ones from the pool of data available and present them in a way which will create an impression on the minds of the readers and slam home point your point. While data analytics tools are used to pick the data, its presentation can be made simpler but effective through private instagram viewer  use of infographics.

Infographics can make boring and complex data interesting through the use of visually appealing graphics. It grabs the viewer's attention and also makes them understand the significance of the data shared.

However, the use of infographics doesn't restrict to presenting data. It is also useful in creating informational pictographs, which depict a timeline of an event or talks about a particular hierarchical process. This way, a lot of information can be shared concisely in minimum sentences while the graphics will do the rest of talking. As a result, digital marketing companies recommend the use of infographics on social media. And what better way to use it than by posting them on Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing platform? Let's dwell more on that.

How are infographics useful on Instagram?

When you search on Instagram with the hashtag #infographic, you get various pictures of different sizes. The latter has become possible due to the update Instagram made a few years ago, where they removed the restriction on posting only squared size images. The platform now accepts portrait as well as landscape images. As a result of this, it has now become easier to post infographics with long information.

In addition to this, you can use infographics to target the millennial audience. This is because nearly 54% of the millennial audience on Instagram craves for visual content, according to this study by Ragan. Therefore, you can tap the visual content market by posting infographics which are creative and informative in nature and diverse in subject choices. If the content is appreciated by the millennial audience, it can make your outreach global. This, in turn, will bode extremely well for your Instagram account. Therefore, all these factors make Instagram conducive for sharing infographics.

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