Ferris wheel or what you need to know about roulette, the most recognised symbol of casinos

Luxury, excitement and simple rules have made roulette popular in the gambling world since its inception. It is a game of chance, where everything depends on luck, but if you know the rules, there are more chances to win.

Roulette (from the French "roulette" - little wheel, wheel) is a game of chance where players bet on a sector of a spinning wheel where a small ball, spinning in the opposite direction, will stop. Players can bet on colours, specific or different groups of numbers, even or odd numbers, large (19-36) or small (1 -18) numbers. Bets are placed on a table divided according to the sectors of the wheel. To understand the game mechanics, you need to play the game. On this website https://onlinecasinohub.com/en/best-canadian-online-casinos/ you can see a list of online casinos in Germany that offer roulette to test the strategies and functionality of the games.

History of origin

The medieval legend of the creation of the roulette wheel says that a monk challenged the devil to a game on his devil wheel. However, the monk couldn't win the game where the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666, so he later lost his mind and died.

According to one version, in 1720 French mathematician Blaise Pascal was working on a perpetual motion machine, but got the first roulette wheel instead. His invention became popular in European casinos. Subsequently in 1843 Francois Blanc improved it by adding sector 0 to the wheel. After that the game spread and many people started to dream of winning by betting on lucky numbers.

According to other accounts, roulette originated in France in the early 18th century from the old games of hoca and portique and was first mentioned under its current name in Bordeaux in 1716. After several modifications, roulette got its current structure around 1790. After that, it quickly gained the status of the leading game in casinos and gambling houses in Europe.

Roulette equipment

A roulette table consists of two parts: the wheel itself and the betting scheme. There are two types of tables. One has a single betting pattern with the roulette wheel on one end, and the other has two layouts with the wheel in the centre. The wheel rotates horizontally.

The roulette wheel has 36 sectors and another zero segment (some types of roulette have more than one) with a chaotic arrangement of numbers. It consists of a disc with divisions, which rotates around the bottom of the bowl. The ball spins around the outside of the bowl until the wheel stops with the ball in one of the sections.

Today there are four types of roulette tables - European, American, French and Three-Zero, but they all have the same basic characteristics.

The playing field is available in the following varieties:

The inner field for forming bets on specific numbers or groups of numbers;

The outer field - the auxiliary elements that surround the numbers.

In accordance with this, bets can be external and internal.

Rules of the game

The game starts with players placing bets on whether the ball will fall on a particular colour and an even or odd number. They can call out a range of numbers or point to a specific number. The croupier then launches the ball onto the spinning wheel, and when they stop, it's clear who has won.

The general rules are as follows:

players place their bets;

the dealer throws the ball into the wheel, which is already spinning; the players continue to form their "bids";

the announcer announces the bets placed and that there are no more new bets;

a certain number and colour of the sector comes up, all the bets lost go to the lucky player's profit;

payment of winnings.

There are also basic principles or unspoken rules of the game:

the chips on the playing field must be placed carefully, they must not be thrown to avoid hitting other bets and breaking the sequence;

the size and nature of bets are determined only in the breaks between the roulette wheel starts;

bets are accepted only if the croupier has informed about it, i.e. repeated the updated version of the bet;

food cannot be put on the table, drinks - according to the situation.

Types of roulette bets

Before jumping into the game, it's important to be familiar with the types of bets you may encounter when playing roulette:

Internal - on numbers from 0 to 36. There are 7 types of internal bets: basket, corner, six lines, split, straight, straight and trio.

Outside - the sector beyond the numbers 0-36 - red, black, odd, even, three dozen, three columns and a half.

Declared bets need to be called by the dealer if the game is played in a land-based casino, to save time from placing multiple chips on separate numbers. Such calls can be adjacent bets, final bets, divisions and completions.

Final bets allow players to bet on numbers ending in the same number.

Full bets, maximum bets or complete finishes combine all possible internal bets on a particular number.

Bets on adjacent numbers include the selected number and the numbers on the left and right up to 5 squares.

Bets are only available for European (French) Roulette, where there is one 0 on the roulette wheel and which cover Voisins du Zero, Jeu Zero / Zero Game / Game Zero, Le Tiers du Cylindre and Les Orphelins.

Types of roulette strategies

There are two types of roulette strategies - progressive and non-progressive. If a player is a beginner, it is worth starting with a non-progressive strategy. It is necessary to divide a certain amount into several smaller ones and bet them only on certain numbers. The system is easy to use and does not require any special skills.

Progressive strategies are a bit more complicated, but still manageable. With them, the player will need to calculate the initial bet amount, make it, and calculate the bet amount again. It is this roulette strategy that promises the best results and is most commonly used by players.

Roulette at online casinos

Modern online roulette platforms allow players to experience an authentic roulette atmosphere and have a great time. All you need to do is to choose a trusted licensed casino website and play the game you like the most. Each of the online roulette games offers different winnings. You should also check out possible bonuses, as they can increase your chances of winning.

Guessing a roulette number requires not only a betting strategy, but also your own intuition, although predicting the colour and number is 100% unrealistic. In any case, remember that gambling should be treated responsibly.

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