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Born and established in Canada, with many years of technological research and thorough development, Carbonesque has evolved into the prestigious and advanced company that it is today. Over the years, the brand has laser focused on blending comfort, style, and functionality together in perfect harmony without overlooking a single detail. Since the beginning of the journey, the ultimate vision was to create outerwear that manifests the future in a luxurious way.


 Leading up to the final and complete coat, the company has tested and created over 25 models to successfully craft the finished product. Carbonesque is first and only in the world to seamlessly integrate advanced elements in wearable form in all the products offered.


The store’s prevailing and credible business model is concentrated on having absolute control of the phases that take place in production, ultimately putting quality and craftsmanship first, which adds the greatest value. What really makes this special and unique is the development of proprietary techniques that are used to work with our advanced materials which are specifically specialized in care and handling when putting together a piece.


Carbonesque holds the greatest and highest expertise level in working with these top-tier materials of the future. Natural down also is still one of the most effective ways of retaining heat for colder climates in the winter seasons. The sheer density of our nano down can enable us to achieve a high tolerance for colder climates while staying exceptionally lightweight. 


Featuring a high 90/10 ratio of 800+ fill power premium goose down carefully which consists of 90% down and 10% feather fill is implemented into all of our winter products whilst using above standard technology. This is a leading fill power rate used only for truly premium winter outerwear, which is made standard for all Carbonesque winter products. No leaks. No inconsistencies, just incredibly easy to wear without the heavy bulk.


To view some of the iconic winter capsules favored by many and latest outerwear collections, check our online store for exclusive offers and updates. Shop Now






The beginning of a new era is here, and Carbonesque is committed to bringing the best to you. Using only genuine materials, the highest goose down fill, high-end accessories that comes from the greatest experts with exclusive craftsmanship. The end goal is to meet all the needs of customers that other brands tend to overlook, while providing the outmost trust and value for an overall exceptional experience.


When you shop Carbonesque, you’re always guaranteed a positive experience and an assured environment where you can find all that you need and get the help that you may want with the credible customer service that is always there for you.

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