Dry Construction and Painting Work in Frankfurt am Main

If you looking for Malerarbeiten then you are at the perfect place.
The finished wall or ceiling can be wallpapered or painted by us on request.
Of course, we take over the complete renovation of the apartment, or we also process or carry out individual rooms and cosmetic repairs.

Dry construction and painting work in Frankfurt am Main. Assembly and disassembly, fire protection, soundproofing, as well as building refurbishment and/or renovation.
Service agreements from other trades are not excluded.
Whatever it is, we'll take care of it right away.
Structural fire protection, as required, combined with Knauf and Hilti products/systems.
Of course, after completion of the construction, you will receive the complete documentation,
which you must submit to the building control authority.
For more information regarding Wohnung Streichen, visit here: https://www.qwox.de/

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