defence academy in dehradun

Brigadier’s Defence Academy Dehradun is an Army officers enterprise and the best Defence Academy in Dehradun. The team comprises five defence officers who formed the academy with aim of providing quality and genuine NDA, CDS and AFCAT coaching in Dehradun for Pan India Students who aspire to become defence officers and defence academy in india serve the country. Can a person who has never himself cracked the UPSC exams or the SSB guide anyone to qualify for the UPSC or SSB? Can Someone who himself does not pass officers qualities and officer-like behavior imbibe there is any aspiring candidate? Most academies suffer these drawbacks and therefore we as a group of serving and retired service officers decided to bring about the Brigadier’s Defence Academy. Brigadier’s Defence Academy will have mentors who are army officers and teachers who have lived and served in the army. The aim is to provide the students the same atmosphere, ambiance, accommodation, Food, and environment so that the behavioral traits can be changed to become a suitable candidate for selection in both the written and the SSB. Check location: https://g.co/kgs/1APLn8

defence academy in india

Defence academy

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