Custom Kids Furniture - Triple Bunk Beds & Bunk Beds With Slide

If you are in search of triple bunk beds then you are at the perfect store.
We opened our family-owned shop over six years ago when we struggled to find fun and functional beds for our kids. We have developed a collection of high-quality, affordable children's beds and bunk beds. We specialize in kids bunk beds with slides, triple bunk beds, and Montessori house beds.
At Custom Kids Furniture we want you to shop with confidence.  Our goal is to make your online shopping experience as fun and stress-free as possible!  

We go out of our way to make sure each and every one of our customers is satisfied. As a result we've received positive feedback from lots of happy customers.

Bunk Bed Categories:

  • Triple & Quadruple Bunk Beds
  • Bunk Beds with Slide
  • Queen Bunk Beds
  • Bunk Beds with Storage
  • Bunk Beds with Trundle
  • Twin over Twin Bunk Beds
  • Twin over Full Bunk Beds
With hundreds of designs currently available, we have beds and bunk beds for all ages and room sizes. Our factory in Vietnam is using the highest quality materials and follows our instructions to the T. We truly hope that when browsing through our shop you’ll be able to find the next bed your child will enjoy sleeping in, that you’ll find that true fit, and that what we crafted will help you create a safe, loving, well-designed and comfortable nursery or kid’s room.
For more information regarding triple bunk bed house visit here:

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