There is great respect given to the old way of arranged marriage in Indian culture. Parents are saddled with the responsibility of finding the right partner for their children with the help of friends, relatives, the marriage bureau, and other intermediaries. Couples were in time past said to be made in heaven, but nowadays they are made online. If you are an eligible bachelor and are looking for a perfect partner, then you can visit any online marriage website in India. 

However, selecting from lots of matrimonial websites in a country like India is a tough task. Lots of matrimonial websites pride themselves on high success rates as well as flexible features with free or paid membership options. Yet, choosing the most compatible partner with a reliable matrimonial service making sure the person is perfect for you and suits your family’s needs is sacrosanct.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten matrimonial websites in India to help our readers make an informed decision. 

Let us see the differences between these matrimonial sites:

  • Matchfinder 

This is the number one popular matrimonial website in India and you might have come across its advertisement on television or in a publication. Matchfinder is one of the leading matrimonial sites in India and its environs. Matchfinder has proven with a satisfying result that there shouldn’t be any complications or stress in the process of finding and matching with a future partner. 

The platform believes that falling in love with a perfect partner should require less effort and must be impactful. 

It is an Indian marriage website to provide the best matrimonial services at cheaper prices to those in line for marriage. Matchfinder is the first marriage site to start memberships as cheap as Rs 100. 

You can select personal assistance for marriage services like reaching out to matching profiles, for an affordable fee. Matchfinder matrimony enables its members to generate a horoscope, highlight their profile, and also check horoscope compatibility. A list of features that is rare amongst other related websites.

The main reasons for Matchfinder’s great uniqueness include:

  • Result-minded technique: A result-minded technique is followed to make sure of a complete success rate when helping members.
  • Privacy: The safety and privacy of a member are given the topmost priority. Hence, privacy control settings, as well as modern security measures, are put in place to guarantee 100% safety and confidentiality. 
  • Personalized services: The politeness of the team, as well as personalized services, make each client find themselves important and as a member of the match finder family. 
  • Large profile database: Matchfinder’s respect for traditions, religions, cultures, rituals, and statues brings about the inclusion of various profiles from all communities and castes.
  • Team: Match finder team consists of experienced experts who often receive service training.
  • Numerous services: Many services are offered including remarriage, Punjabi matrimonial service, elite, late marriage matrimony, Jain, Sikh, and NRI. 
  • Years of experience: Over a decade in matrimonial services and 20 years of experience in the service industry with complete customer satisfaction make Matchfinder the first choice. 
  • Personal involvement: Finally, a match finder work like a matrimonial matchmaker who involves himself in list creation, verifying, and setting up meetings to find a perfect match. 

  • Jeevansathi

This website was launched in 1998 and is making perfect life partners and happy matrimonies while making sure of total safety and security. Their database of verified profiles is so large. The website was quick to start matrimonial services to introduce the use of online matrimonial. You also can opt for offline Match Point Centers at Jeevansathi all over India. Members are allowed to make use of easier search and receive instant updates with a great user experience when they download the official android application of Jeevansathi.   

  • Bharat Matrimony

This is one of the leading online matchmaking service providers in India and it provides matchmaking services to members across India and its environment through its mobile sites, mobile apps, and websites, together with an on-site network of over 140 retail centers in the country. 

The Brand Trust Report India Study of 2014 which covers 20,000 brands in 16 Indian cities has ranked Bharat Matrimony as the country’s most reliable online matrimony. operates a network of 15 regional portals. It has been featured in the “highest number of documented online marriages” category in the Limca Book of Records. 

  • Shaadi

Shaadi is one of the oldest and most successful matchmaking services in the world and it has gained users’ trust worldwide since 1996 to help them find their match. Today, lots of people have met their soulmates through shaadi’s modern matchmaking service and innumerable others have made some great connections. 

  • Simply Marry

This matrimonial website is owned by the Times group organization. It claims that its database contains several millions of profiles and they have similar features to other well-known matrimonial websites in India. Among their services include search filters like religion and community.  


This website was launched in 1997 and is the pioneer of matrimonial websites in India. This website has become one of the leading players in the Indian Matrimonial market with the help of its large database of many profiles of foreign, NRIs, and Indian soulmate searchers. One can search for a perfect life partner based on city, state, occupation, caste, religion, mother tongue, and NRI. 


  • Humsafa Matrimony

Launched in 1997 and has since been trusted to help people of central India to find their life partner, Humsafar Matrimony is one of the most popular and successful matrimonial sites in Central India. It is on the list of the fastest-growing matrimonial websites committed to building marriage alliances and creating great marriages. A lot of people have today met their soulmates through our amazing matchmaking service. 


  • Sangam

This is a matchmaking company created for families who are in search of a soulmate for their son or daughter. Unlike other matrimonial companies, it focuses on delivering informative family and background details to assist you with the confidence required to forge ahead. Sangam offers more than 80 community websites so that you can find a match from, within your community. Sangam is a matrimonial service born by Matchfinder


This is the largest matrimony site for communities in India and it has over 140 matrimony branches all over the nation. You can easily search for your life partner with the company’s app which is on Google Play and App Store. It is widely known for its over 300 portals for different communities all over the world. 

  • iMarriages

This is the height of the matrimonial website as it allows members to interact for free. It understands that your privacy is very important, and that is why the company was the first marriage company to go for complete SSL encryption on its site. All profiles on iMarriages are screened manually and a working phone number is compulsory. All Indians can enjoy free matrimony service, as well as NRIs living in another country; whether to chat with a prospective soulmate or consult our relationship experts for advice, you will do it for free on this site.  



Life becomes bearable with love, and sharing this love with a perfect match is an amazing conspiracy. Matrimonial websites fill the void between two amazing individuals who are searching for each other and don’t know where to start. I hope our readers find this article helpful as they search for their perfect match.

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