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Can High prolactin levels cause breast pain? Symptoms from the high prolactin levels include discharge of milk from the breast (galactorrhoea) and breast tenderness. These symptoms are more common in women than men. High prolactin levels can also affect the function of the ovaries or testes by interfering with the hormones that control these glands.
How can I increase my breast milk production? OK, now on to things that can help increase your milk supply: Make sure that baby is nursing efficiently. Nurse frequently, and for as long as your baby is actively nursing. Take a nursing vacation. Offer both sides at each feeding. Switch nurse. Avoid pacifiers and bottles when possible. Give baby only breastmilk.
Does magnesium lower prolactin? Low magnesium and slightly increased (5x) magnesium (4.1 mM) did not influence prolactin secretion in either 1.8 mM or low calcium, but 10 and 20 mM magnesium inhibited secretion by 50 and 70%, respectively.
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