BTS’ collaborative track with Benny Blanco

BLACKPINK: courtesy of YG Entertainment, IVE: courtesy of Starship Entertainment, Girls' Generation: courtesy of SM Entertainment

K-pop girl groups are steadily growing their global prowess and with multiple successful debuts in the past year, they are being widely loved by the audiences for their varied concepts and grasp on uniqueness. The month of September also saw similar growth in the most popular girl groups competing for the top spot.

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A recent report of the big data collected about their overall fame including social media presence, audience involvement, and other factors, over the span of August 11 to September 11, shows slight change as compared to the last month.

BLACKPINK has once again taken the top spot, their fourth consecutive No.1 rank. The group’s recent release ‘Pink Venom’, upcoming album release with ‘Born Pink’ and the rise of conversation around their 6th debut anniversary have brought about a higher positive response from fans.

IVE’s ‘After LIKE’ and the hype surrounding the comeback caused the group to rise to the second spot. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s online fame has once again come to light following the release of their seventh studio album ‘FOREVER 1’, making them take the 3rd position. TWICE and their comeback with ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ as well as Oh My Girl’s Arin’s involvement in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ as well as former member Jiho’s possible new agency allowed the two groups to grab No. 4 and 5.

Notably, rookie group NewJeans has maintained the masses’ interest in them as they engage in numerous promotions and appearances, taking the 6th spot. They managed to surpass aespa, Red Velvet and other groups to grab the rank.

Here are the Top 10 girl group rankings for this month:

Girls’ Generation
Oh My Girl
Red Velvet

Starship Entertainment has hit the jackpot by debuting the sextet with An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo. IVE is producing hit after hit and shows a promising future ahead of them. After the success of ‘ELEVEN’ and ‘LOVE DIVE’, K-pop fans were waiting with bated breath to see what kind of magical and trendy music the girl group would release.

IVE delivered with another catchy tune and their third single album ‘After LIKE’ released on August 22 and it was soon one of the most talked about songs of the month. Interestingly it was also noted that they sold 460,000 copies of the album right on its first day and broke their previous record of 338,000 units sold during the first week sales of ‘LOVE DIVE’, setting a new record.

Meanwhile, their first week sales record, according to the album sale site Hanteo, for their latest album ‘After LIKE’ has been revealed to be over 920,000 copies sold. According to the site, this makes it the 22nd highest first week sales in the history of Hanteo.

The story continues as ‘After LIKE’ has now recorded over one million sold units as of September 2, making IVE only the second girl group ever to surpass the number on the site. Grabbing themselves a million seller title, in under a year of their debut, IVE has proven to be a leading K-pop artist and one that fans can look forward to, for meaningful releases.

August has some amazing comebacks scheduled and we are excited like BLACKPINK’s pre-release, which is coming after a long time, BTS’ collaborative track with Benny Blanco & Snoop Dogg, IVE, Golden Child, CIX and many more! With smashing comebacks and debuts in July like BTS’ J-Hope, ITZY and more, we hope to see such tracks coming out in August as well.

NewJeans (Debut)

Track: Cookie

Album: -

SooHyun (U-Kiss)

Title Track: ‘The Soju Fairy’

Album: 1st Mini Album ‘COUNT ON ME’

Kid Milli

Title Track: ‘BENZO’

Album: Double Single ‘BENZO’

August 2


Album: 5th Single Album ‘Chemical’

August 3

YENA (Choi Yena)

Title Track: ‘SMARTPHONE’


August 5

BTS x Benny Blanco x Snoop Dogg

Title Track: ‘Bad Decisions’

August 8

Girls’ Generation

Title Track: ‘FOREVER 1’

Album: The 7th Album ‘FOREVER 1’

Golden Child

Track: AURA

Album: 6th Mini Album ‘AURA’

NewJeans (Debut)

Album Release

August 9


Special Single ‘POSE’


Track: ‘LEVIOSA’

Special Single

August 16





Track: Undercover

Album: 3rd Mini Album ‘WHO AM I’

August 22


Track: ‘After Like’

Album: 3rd SINGLE ALBUM ‘After Like’


Album: 5th EP Album ‘OK’ Episode 1 : ‘OK Not’

August 26


Title Track: ‘Talk That Talk’


Mark Tuan (GOT7)

Album: ‘The Other Side’




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