Addiction Treatment Center!

Providing Individualized Care for Each Patient’s Needs:

We provide individualized care for each patient s needs in our beautiful drug alcohol treatment center in addiction treatment tennessee.

Your Foundation For Lasting Recovery:

​Brooks Healing Center is just an hour and a half away from central cities like Nashville and Chattanooga. You will be close to city comforts yet separate enough from the real world so you can heal in peace.Our facility is tucked against the meditative and calming backdrops of luscious green fields. You will find yourself in a relaxing and supportive environment that helps you leave the pressures of your life behind as you take your first steps on the road to recovery.

Medical Detox:

We provide a safe, comfortable detox environment where you can regain your baseline health while a team of medically trained professionals takes care of you.

Residential Treatment:

With residential recovery, you can submerge yourself in a structured, supervised, and supportive environment to heal your mind and body.

Partial Hospitalization:

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is structure into a 30-to-60-day continuum with each plan created on a case-by-case personalized basis.

Founded With Love, Rooted In Nature


Healing from substance abuse can be a lonely journey, but you don’t have to do it all on your own. At Brooks Healing Center, you matter. We’re here to lend you love, support, and acceptance on your journey to find yourself again.

About Brooks Healing Center!

Staff Who Understand The Struggles Of Addiction

Brooks Healing Center specializes in top–of–the–line, research-backed therapeutic techniques. Our modalities are delivered by a team of heart-centered and seasoned staff who’ve seen it all.

With decades of combined firsthand experience, our team understands the life-changing effects of substance abuse from the inside out. We are trained to deliver the highest quality of compassion-centered and growth-oriented care.

How We Began:

Our mission stems directly from the heart of our founder, Tyler Bowman. Tyler has lived several years in recovery. Wants to give back to the community that he has been part of his whole life. Tyler created Brooks Healing Center so that no one feels alone on their journey. Tyler has lived several years in recovery, and he wants to give back to the people that has been such an integral part of his life.

Healing addiction can feel daunting, especially when rooted in complicated traumatic events and overwhelming emotions. Having a team of experts who understand the nuances and complexities of recovery is vital to ensuring long-term recovery.

1100 Cortner Rd, Normandy, TN 37360 Open: Always

(931) 740-1087

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