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Monday I earn my aunt ask price drop, followed by Cao asked if his wife left channel value, purchase price $ 5690, $ 1600 labor to install a total of $ 7290, Link OKAY problem, I left to head up if she has no problem, you can license go, follow my aunt asked him wash Wuxi than set, Qu, then best friends, my aunt asked mosquito drainage off the $ 200 set all right, Cao, then you can, but have to wait half minutes after the Drainage wife annum, before income get money, Link Well, according to other .... half an hour after having gone back to my aunt, we know that too much is still not back to a CAO, Department of Well Link stems such matter, along with Cao, then see the upstairs, downstairs Wuxi than set live one, I help you set the left machine according to the first matter, on Wednesday, loaded with goods buried, to a one-off time than money, So I will stay in the left channel on their aunts phone, easy for me to follow up, okay leave.

My aunt received a phone call on Tuesday, Li CAO too beat to even be $ 400 if installed wages, from the original generous $ 1600 to $ 2000 plus, if the original interpretation of the Department of Qu "thought" I'm generous to have a metal frame mounted split type, according to Department of degrees I Nuisance frame home, so want to add my $ 400 money than I hit my aunt Link, I called too talk with Cao, so early in the morning before I made it clear that with the originalå—°Cao Department of Department of windows machines , how to be prepared to be a metal frame mounted split type system degrees than you Yeah, not to mention your roomguanputou 10 years left to do air-conditioning works, you can hear better than I do, then you guanputou upstairs residential air-conditioning Do not know buildings hadNuisance formwork frame baa?? day activity a ridiculous interpretation of a good gel, then early in the morning Cao turnkey installation project, depending on the net at home, then I heard the line more than add a metal frame to take me into the $ 400. Also, I Also out of his cell for over the last second, they are all man-land purchase price $ 5080, workers installed 10-foot hose $ 1500 package, the total number of all lines $ 6580, Link Point Solutions Heisei 710 bucks I have to earn to buy back downstairs Cao machine installed it, department because see above seismic engineering company  below, air-conditioning adore problems can be resolved quickly to join the peacekeeping earn a master on the point of repair are convenient D. Fresh water depth irrelevant to the final only to know, really great bend over my $ 400, if you If you reason with me about my family survive system master that first turn mounted splitmachine trouble D, to take me to your little, I shall breathe along D, I am better than you do Wubi Department of another matter. followed by noisy Left channel 1, Qu Q, then wait under $ 1600 bucks to do so passive master first, but most do not even stand le, with the one air-conditioned master microphone-up children on the Department of La Qu, Cao before speaking with me by family and old friends, D projects are line-up children do Jiala pay Biqu Drainage wife (Cao too) to take charge of the business, with both the mother and son playing on the line through the cage, adore none of the grounds for a master on the Lebanese position on something to increase the Air me money ah!!

Drainage to pack up go home the same day did not see the evening, followed into the channel to ask, ask how many workers left a master of money is not installed, Cao A point to be too much to work $ 1600 installed, plus $ 400 of money. Link Theory of Rights of course with the Drainage , points will be reported at the beginning of all-inclusive $ 1,600, according to family companies have proposed to add $ 400 of money, a Cao Taizhong come to Miedou UP, it would not you agree Drainage Mi Cao company profiles people, Cao generous price Wusuan reported the number of words they hardly ever set, a project You Wu count, with the way I wanted to set down, Department of Qu Nuisance back guanputou money, they would force me to take it single-channel business, with the left on the line I promise to, depending on family You Wu do, Zhong Cao words spoken before the completion of Wusuan generous number of wild, Link me to speak on the same channel, "if you do not like what your company employees had to Jiala!!" Cao catch up too on the words "Department of frame, set to open the left one off the left rock called count, Nuisance Nuisance deposit on Wusuan number one ", then follow I told her," You Do not even your husband can recognize your employees canal, said she did not recognize you even can Zhang single system your company had to Jiala out, finished, the Scriptures too, she has no sound out of Cao Cao Department of Health at the time only the first dup dup Do not speak Do not help the mouth of the net line left two pairs of sorry even speak.

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