A Sponge Cake Can Add Mystery to That Valentine's Day Surprise

Valentine's Day is an occasion for surprises and an intriguing element of mystery. February 14 is the time that we send cards that contain coded messages of love from an anonymous admirer, or even a bunch of fireworks  for the woman you hope to invite on a romantic date.It's an occasion for romance and some fun and an opportunity to fire Cupid's arrow in a certain direction. But when it comes to sending the man you want to date a surprise through the post, the options seem a little more limited and the women out there have to use their imagination or be a little more creative.

The answer could lie in a delicious creamy sponge cake as a love gesture with a difference. Sponge cake is a popular choice with everyone and comes in a wonderful variety of flavours from traditional Victorian sponge, carrot, lemon and coffee or chocolate. If you wanted to do that in the past, it was a case of buying a cake from the local confectioner, sneaking round to the house and popping it on their doorstep without anyone seeing you.

But now, you can get someone to do the deed for you. It's really easy to Buy Cakes Online, so all you have to do is choose the type of sponge cake you want and then arrange for a special cake delivery to the one you love.

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Having Cakes Delivered in this way is not that different to having a bunch of flowers sent to someone's home. Imagine the surprise, though, on the face of the recipient when the delivery driver turns up, hands them a box and inside is the most delicious sponge cake. It will probably be the last thing they were expecting!

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