A Short Memoir of French Soccer Player - Raymond Kopa

His complete name is Raymond Kopaszewski. Raymond Kopa was on October 13, 1931 in Nœux-les-Mines, Pas-de-Calais France. He is an ex-French soccer player. Kopa's playing position in the field is as Going after midfielder, striker. He was at the center of the public crew of French during the 1950s. Kopa was a striking and adaptable playmaker who made numerous objectives too.

In club level he played for senior clubs of Irritates SCO in 1949-1951, Stade Reims in 1951-1956, Genuine Madrid in 1956-1959, and Stade Reims in 1959-1967.

Raymond Kopa was only five feet six tall (169 cms). In any case, his capability of imaginative going after midfield quickly demonstrated him as one of the most skilled and adaptable soccer players of France. Kopa's objective scoring from midfield will be dependably uncommon.

Kopa made 18 objectives in 45 coordinates somewhere in the range of 1952 and 1962 alongside the public soccer side of France. Kopa was picked as the Best Player of the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden and retroactively as the 1954 Best Youthful Player of the Competition turned into the single football player to gather the two credits. In Walk 2004 Pelé included him as one of the best 125 biggest living soccer players spbo.

For his vocation as an expert soccer player, Raymond Kopa gathered many distinctions and accomplishments. Furthermore, some of them incorporate French Association (1953, 1955, 1960 and 1962 with Stade Reims), Spanish Association (1957 and 1958 with Genuine Madrid), French second division (1966 with Stade Reims), European Cup (1957, 1958 and 1959 with Genuine Madrid), Latin Cup (1953 with Stade Reims and 1957 with Genuine Madrid), FIFA World Cup (third spot 1958 with France), Brilliant Ball (1958, and Légion d'honneur (30 November 1970).

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