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Remodeling the Home of the Founders Parkway

The Founders Parkway is a favorite area in Las Vegas. It's located between Southwestern Las Vegas Boulevard (the Paris Las Vegas Boulevard) and the Las Vegas Strip. It is home to beautiful landscape, and not just the Strip. Gorgeous landscaping can be seen on the Parkway including a paved walkway with wooden planks leading up to Castle Rock.

One of the interesting aspects of the design of the paving on the Founders Parkway is that of its appearance in relation to other public works of the same quality within Las Vegas. A stone bench sits in the middle of the parkway, surrounded by two columns of stone. The bench is rectangular in design instead of the traditional circular shape, like the other parksways that are found in Las Vegas. The perimeter of the stone bench concrete has been utilized in a variety of fascinating patterns. The concrete patio is comprised of six different designs of concrete.

Two of the concrete pavers featured in the design are concrete tabs. These concrete tabs have similar designs to the Las Vegas concrete patio. The concrete used to construct the Castle Rock section of paving has been color-matched to blend in with the surroundings. The color of the concrete is subtle enough that it doesn't take away the natural beauty and beauty of the surroundings.

The three remaining concrete segments of the design are made of large rocks. To make them stand out against concrete every one of the massive rock shapes has been colored. This section of concrete is red in order to differentiate it from other concrete segments along the parkway. In total, the project's concrete design is made up of 11 different shades. The designers have designed an Parkway which is totally different from all other development because of the variety of colors.

The replacement of concrete ramps and sidewalks at ground level with granite pavers was a major improvement to the construction of Castle Rock's section of the Las Vegas Strip. These pavers are made of granite and have a unique color pattern which blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Granite pavers are more attractive in comparison to the other. They are also more comfortable to walk on, and offer more smoothness in the rain.

The covered walkway is another variation to the Las-Vegas Strip's style. The walkway covered was designed in order to protect residents from stepping over the exposed roots that lie on the sandy beach, which is lined with trees. This design helps to prevent erosion as well as allowing rainwater to enter the sea. Concrete sealant is not required because the concrete used to construct the walkway is already present in the ground. Instead, the pavers use an exclusive waterproof material that's non-slip and heat resistant.

Castle Rock is a great location to live in. The climate is semi-tropical , with mild winters and warm summers. Since the soil is sandy, it's an the perfect spot to grow plants. There are a myriad of plants, such as evergreens, shrubs, and desert flowers. The land slopes to the south which creates a cooler environment for residents.

The stone-lined picnic area at the near the eastern edge of the driveway provides visitors a panoramic view of the Strip and also a spot for tranquility. You can get away from the noise and hustle of the casino floor by reclining on the bench made of stone. The stone bench's design makes it both functional and beautiful. When you walk down to the deck's edge to enjoy your lunch or relax under the stars on the Strip you'll be amazed by how the stone brings the outside in.

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